Rear suspension bushes

Just better seals… The bearing always worked well, it was only water and dirt ingress that caused them to fail prematurely

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I’ve just had another customer email me after we fitted the poly bushes saying the car feels better than it ever did!!


Surely if Mazda have changed the design due to premature failure, they should have issued a recall to rectify the problem caused by their design.

Wow i am in awe of al you guys that are mx5 expertz …what a great forum this is …hope i can reach out when a simpleton like me shudders at a bill from mazda!!


Hope that this isnt the problem on mine again. I purchased a ND in July last year from a main Mazda dealer, on examining the paperwork it had had an MOT with advisories for hub bushes, but then 2 days later was MOTd again and no advisories. I bought the car assuming that this had been done, but I now have the knocking from the back when going over an uneven road etc. I have done less than 1,000 miles since purchase.

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I would take it back to the dealer and get them to rectify it, as the symptoms you describe are coming from the bearings in the rear hubs

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I bought these but haven’t had them fitted yet… I’ll let you know how it goes.!

Whiteline parts

Some findings on the whiteline bushes, whoever makes these are supplying Superpro also, so same problems, except who to approach when they fail??

Do you have any verdict on these? I’m trying to work out if it’s worth spending the extra money on the ones from MX5Parts

Apparently Mazda’s sorted it on later production line models, and I guess if one has the repair done with them. Says mass production change on the TSB, dated March '22

I think they’d have to have sorted it for me to shell out the best part of £2K if mine go pop. Can’t expect to have them replaced if they were to go pop again in the same way, especially at that sort of money.

Lots of cars got non-resolved issues though. That’s not Mazda fan boying, but I’ve another car which had the engine top mounts replaced under warranty, diagnosed when I had clicking when turning right at slow speeds (wasn’t a CV jint or anything). A couple of years on, 19K miles on, and out of warranty, the clicking’s returning. So it’s just a fundamental defect replaced by the same part which goes bad soon again. I’m sure legions of different car owners could report similar stuff.