Recommendations for a replacement Cat - 1.8 NBFL

I was “lucky” enough to be visited by the iron bar wielding scum last night.
Our neighbour saw my car up on a jack, but rather sensibly avoided getting involved with the rather unpleasant looking baboon, who was threatening anyone stopping his “friend” from sawing off my cat.

So I’m now faced with what to replace it with.
My car is a 2002 1.8 manual. I understand that the cat was changed from the NB to NBFL model.
My car is basically a daily, and will never see a track. So a decat seems like a rather bad move.
I’ve done a little reading, which suggests that the really cheap ones are a bit pap.

Any good recommendations?

The utter pond life mutants.
You could decat, but it won’t be MOT compliant…plus I’m not sure what sensors would get a bit upset. In fact, I don’t know. Earlier Mk1 Roadsters are OK for example.
What I have read is a lot of new aftermarket CATs are rubbish as you say as well so I’d tend to get an used OEM one from a safe 5 parts seller. But I doubt you will get one easily…they are recyling gold dust from scrappers.
I think you’ll need to get a POS cheapo to get through MOT from (eg) Mx5 Parts or similar.
Pinched CATs are a cash cow .
Scrappers get £400.00 + for them.
Palladium content was exceeding gold market prices a while ago!

If you don’t want to buy OEM, my first point of call would be MX5 Bitz (Rhino of this forum). He offers an extensive range of cats for MX5s, knows his stuff and is very helpful (he phoned to double check that I’d ordered the right fitting). I bought a ‘type approved’ cat for my Eunos which came in a box with a BM Catalysts label (an independent manufacturer based in Mansfield). I can’t compare it to the alternatives, and only do a modest mileage, but it’s passed 2 MOTS with no issues.

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You may find these links interesting:

Klarius - What is Type Approval

Cats2U - Do I need a Type Approved Cat?

There has been a number of posts about fitting new cats after a MoT emissions test failure, only to fail again the following year. Perhaps this is related to not fitting Type Approved ones, which are more expensive.

I’ve now received my BM aftermarket cat. Claims to be type approved.
My intent is to have it fitted on Fri 19th Feb (earliest date that I’m available). Whilst getting it fitted, I’ll ask for an emissions check to see if it really does do the job.
I’ll be updating this thread post that.

Another vote for MX5 Bitz (Rhino of this forum) from a very satisfied Mk1 customer.