Recommended number plate fitment - brand new car

I put some bend into mine, to stop it springing off at the ends. either it’s worked, or it wasn’t going to do that anyway:)

The number plate on the front of my ND2 was stuck on to the black moulding on the grill no issue. I did have to remove it to fit my Zunsport half grill, but I just stuck it back on again with good quality thick 3M double sided tape. Never had a problem with it falling off:+1:

I used a heat gun on my NC plate to create the correct curve.
Double sided tape has now held it for years👍🏻

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Having seen the new plinth at the National I think it looks OK.

Hi all. Just a quick update, but the dealer did a great job of fitting the number plate in the end. Stuck on front and rear. No plinth, and they agreed to keep the plate design completely plain (without their dealership name written on it)
Very happy, and no holes drilled anywhere.

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Nice result :+1:t3: