Refitting clips

Mx5 2013 2.0 Venture NCFL


Just in the process of changing the headlights so have to remove the front nose/bumper - having removed the clips that hold the splash shields in the wheel arches, I can see that its going to be extremely difficult to refit them!!!, so can anyone give advice on this, or do I need a special tool.  All advice gratefully received…Thanks a lot…Beech

So long as they arent damaged they should go back in without any problem, just remember to pull out (not all the way out) the centre bit while you insert it.

Hi Zebedee,  

Thanks for the reply but the splash shield is not the problem because it has a large hole, the problem is where the clip needs to pass through the large hole in the plastic shield to a much smaller hole in the inner wing, this would enable the clip to hold the splash shield tightly in place, all of the prongs on the clips are splayed open and even if I pull out the centre bit (not all the way out) the prongs will not return to the closed position, so I can’t get them to go into the smaller hole in the inner wing!  

Let them soak in hot water, makes them a bit more pliable, then you can close the prongs with your fingers before reinserting them in the shields, it does work just redone mine PH.

Thanks PH, I’ll give it a go tomorrow, sounds promising if you have just redone yours …Cheers


These by any chance ??

You can pull the centre out without issue, in the case of those that go through the larger rear portion of the splash shield then the front portion into the inner metal arch it does make it easier to remove the centre and push the centre pin back in.

Sadly eventually the clips become so brittle (or broken legs) they do not hold or filled with sand and dirt the release of them becomes difficult and you end up using more force to remove them.

Last year I replaced every single one of the sods on both sides and on the engine undertray/splash shield. The clips are not that cheap from Mazda buy them from Mazda parts I order 50 or 60 so still have some spare. the ones linked above in the image do not look the right ones as they do not have the screw marking in.

Yes Keat - thats the little blighters!!!,  they look quite good value at 7.20 for a pack of 50…Also noticed the silver alloy wheel spray paint, has any one tried this one to help disguise 'kerbing" damage??  


Thanks for the tip Ninja! will try that tomorrow.  Cheers All,  Beech

Regrads the clips, I can confirm that they are the correct clip.

How do I know. ??

I work there, it’s me who put the MX5 reference in the product details. Laughing

We have a trade counter, so you could save on P&P if youre in the Leeds/Wakefield area, could possibly even offer a discount for a walk in sale.


Regards the wheels.

When i bought my Mk3, the wheels were looking a little sorry for themselves on the insides, so I rubbed them back with production paper, gave them a good wash and sprayed them with that exact wheel silver.

I was remarkably pleased with the end result, the intention was to get them through the summer and have the wheels powder coated in the winter. I actually took them through 2 summers before having them powder coated.

The outsides were slightly a different story, they actually looked ok (from a yard away), but one of them had a curb mark.

Using a dremmel tool with a small emery wheel, I carefully took out the rough bits, then mixed up a bit of Mazda Sunlight Siler, with clear laquer, and painted in the scuff.

A few days later, I’d no idea, where on the rim, i’d performed the repair.

Hi Keats,  thanks for the info, and also for the advice regarding repair to the kerbing on the wheels.  Do you know where can I purchase the paint? I thought it was really difficult to get a silver colour that matched the wheels?..Thanks


is as good a place as any