Replacing rearside brake pipe

Hi All, I’m new to the forum and love some of the chat.
I’ve recently got a mazda mx5 mk2 icon and worked on it for a number of months ready for an Mot. It failed!!! But not to badly.
One of the failures was a corroded rear nearside brake pipe. I’ve been quoted 150-200 quid for the repair, which I though was a bit steep. I have called a machanic and he think it may need the fuel tank dropped for him to carry out the work.
I cant see why the fuel tank would have to be dropped, but I’m not qualified to say.
Has anyone else replaced the rear nearside brake pipe and what price and experience did they have.
Thanks in advance
DAVE Wheeler

When you say near side rear, do you you mean the one that transverses the rear of the car from the right side to the left side? If so, you can buy it pre formed with ends from Mazda for about £30 and its a very straightforward fit if you’re handy around brake systems. No other components need replacing.

As RR suggests a straightforward enough job but one perhaps best performed by someone who is competent in working with brakes, after all get it wrong and you could have an accident.
I replaced this pipe a while ago when I replaced the brake hoses with a stainless steel set and the only difficultly I encountered was releasing the pipe from the distribution block on the drivers side.

Thanks for the reply guys. I ended up getting it fixed at another garage, who completed the work for £75 and said it was a fairly simple job. My next job will be planning the work on the valve seals.
Thanks Dave