Result from Footman James plus my MX5 history

Just joined. Glad I did, because the forum guided me to Footman James for my insurance, and they were £100 cheaper than anyone else, and gave better cover including agreed value on my 6th MX5/Eunos. Also glad to join because I made some great, and really helpful mates in the Victoria (Australia) MX5 Club, particularly on track, and hope to do the same here.

My first MX5 was an 89 V-Special in BRG with tan leather interior. Then there were 4 consecutive silver ones: 99 NB8A, then 2004 NB8C, known as an SE in Australia, which is where I lived and sold Mazdas for a living until recently for 10 years, and known as a Mazdaspeed in America. That car had a silly little turbo on it that produced more heat than power. I blew the motor up one day on the track (mid-corner, very exciting) and put a forged motor and a big turbo in it. 350 rear wheel horsepowers. Lots of fun on road and track. Sold it to a fellow racer before I left Australia. He put the powertrain and transmission in his standard looking NA, which I imagine rather surprises people on the road.

When I retired and came back to the UK I bought a bone stock 2009 NC2 PRHT. Sold it after 10 days as it sent me to sleep (it had a lot to follow after the turbo car), and accidentally bought a lovely 2003 Merc C200K Coupe auto (also silver). The Merc was as near as you can get to an MX5 - massive sunroof, 168hp, rear wheel drive. It even had decent dynamics. Kept it 18 months while searching for the right MX5. I miss it. Then stumbled across yet another silver 2009 NC2 PRHT, with 205hp engine, suspension and brakes sorted by BBR from new. It solves all the issues that bored me about the standard car. 120,000 miles. Everything works. Uses no oil. Best MX5 and the most fun car I’ve ever driven. Better than the turbo NB. Better than all the NDs I’ve driven (although I’ve never driven an ND2 2.0). It’s only issue presently is the Ecutek auto-blip of the throttle on downchanges, which gets in the way massively on the track, but I think I’ve nearly found out how to disable it.

Then the last MX5 is a 1990 Eunos 1.6 auto (sorry people - it’s for when I can’t drive a manual any more!). Proper bright red, so obviously has had paint in its life, but well done. New brakes all round. Mohair hood with HRW. Unmodified, unmolested apart from better headlights and a 2000s head unit. Despite (or perhaps because of?) the auto box it’s surprising how much fun it is after you’ve got over the first 5 minutes of it being a 30 year old car, then you realise it’s a period piece, and that it drives as well as the 50,000 miler it is. Fully undersealed and cavity waxed by The MX5 Restorer. Nice daisies with new Falkens. All the factory spot welds still present. Hood cover and full tonneau cover.

My son is driving the NA back for me tomorrow and passengering me in the BBR on the way down - 5hr round trip. I hope it will kindle a further interest in MX5s. He did visit Australia once and rather liked the turbo NB - called it a monster. At least I’ve finally got him to agree to go to a novice track day at Oulton Park where he’ll use the BBR car (with anyone other than me instructing him).

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Not sure the spoiler is OEM


Welcome along, some nice motors there :+1::sunglasses: