retrim seats mk1

any advice i have leather covers ordered is it easy to recover any advice before i start takeing seats out of car .

I did mine about 6 months ago.

I think the main thing is dont rush them, allow yourself plenty of time. Mine took aabout half a day in all, and I havent done anything like that before.

Its not too hard, just be careful and be prepared to have sore fingers at the end of the day!!

A good pair of long nose pliers is very useful for clamping the hog rings back in place too as some of them are quite deep into the seats.


Good luck



 A few tips:-
Use a stout pair of wire cutters and cut each hogring in two places.  That way they are much easier to remove.
As you take each one out put it carefully to one side, otherwise you’ll kneel on one and they are bl**dy sharp!
Don’t use hogrings to fasten the new covers.  Short cable ties are far simpler to use.

We have just had leather seat covers fitted…  removing the seats  was real easy 5 x bolts in each seat. I paid a bit extra on top iof the price and had the leather covers fitted to the seat, and had the seats  re stuffed at the same time, it seemed to me to be the easiest option.

 Now they are on and fitted they look cool


Very nice indeed, wicked [;)]


Thanks bluenoes


Darran when do you get yours ? let us know how you get on. Oh have your hoover ready too, you will be amazed how much muck and dirt you will find  on the carpet once the seats are removed

 Three questions…
Where from?
 Can I recover my non leather seats like this?
and how much!!?


The leather seat covers  are fitted to my cloth seats in my Mk1, the company remove the cloth and  re pad the seats coz in time they all go saggy.



515 London Road, Tolbar End, Coventry, CV3 4ET

Telephone: 07813615124


Price: £270  if you want them to fit the covers to the seats for you £70

Many colours and trims and logo’s available.

You just need to arrange collection or deliver said seats to them. I was Lucky gary was passing my place on way home from another job and he took my seats away, he dropped them in the next day when he returned this way… Good man. mention me to him if you call, he will recall the yellow MX5 in Milton Keynes.


You can check it all out here as well

Same guy did mine, recomended [:D]

just fitted my covers on to my seats good tips but i used hog rings and a good long pliers took me about 4 half hours to trim both seats ill get some photos next few days takeing old covers off easy process but use good metal cutter and watch the seat adjuster when removeing size 12 bolts at the bottom behind caseing all thats needed is phillips screwdriver 12"socket and 14"socket for seat removal and frame slider removal 3 screws 4 bolts on side of seat this is link for covers also free seat belt covers good price gary is the guy to talk to any coulour also mention you seen this on mx5 site may have discount,also remember before takeing seats out of car unplug speaker wire plug under the seat .

Cool… looking forward to seeing the pics

 A good tip I saw on A Car Is Reborn:
Wrap cling film around the seat parts, top to bottom and front to back (if that makes sense), it helps slide the new covers on, and is then easily ripped out once fitted

 I’ve read that sturdy cable ties are a good alternative to using Hog rings, quicker too.

Gary did mine as well-top job.

BUT I’m under the impressio he no longer fit’s the covers, supply only 


<IMG onmouseover=this.border=1 onmouseout=this.border=0 alt=“Click to view full size image” src=“” border=1>  photos on they wayof retrim

<IMG onmouseover=this.border=1 onmouseout=this.border=0 alt=“Click to view full size image” src=“” border=1> finished product click for full size ive also updated rest of my photos on my profile lots been done