Return to the fold

Hi All,

I’ve come back to a 5 after 10 years away. I used to own an NB Sport which I loved and always felt I should never had let go.

Well opportunity now has allowed me to remind myself why I missed it so much. However this time an NC plus I wanted it to stand out so I found a Sport Black in Green. I’ve no doubt a marmite colour but I love it and it gets heads turning which is great. It came with Meister R Sportives which are great but I hadn’t really consider that I’m surrounded by speed bumps, let’s just say I appreciate their existence far more but love how it corners flat so worth the allergy to speed calming measures!

Plus this time I get to bring my daughter into the fold and it looks like she loves the car more than me.



Hello and welcome from Nottinghamshire… A nice NC and a happy daughter is a win-win Mike… :slight_smile:


Cracking colour mate, have always loved it, and how much it stands out amongst other cars! I’m fairly new here, and my first MX-5 is an NC and I love it too. Welcome back into the fold :beers:

I have always loved that colour. Enjoy.

umm that car looks very familiar :slight_smile:

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The late Neils? aka mac5

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Welcome Back to an MX5 from 2.5 NB Icon Owner in Staffs :+1:

Speed Bumps Now Installed in My Local Average Sized Tesco :crazy_face:

My Girls’ Suspension & Tubeless Tyres Really Love Them Speed Bumps :rage:

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They do say that a great design looks great in any colour.
Stunning car.
Welcome back!

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Beat her with a stick for leaning on your car!!!

My wee boy thinks its a “stupidly small car” and despite doing a couple of “Mario Drifts” he is still unimpressed and doesnt want to go in it!

Car look cracking! Enjoy along with the daddy-daughter memories to be created

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Fab colour - Kawasaki green! I was also looking at Scirocco’s but would have only considered one if it was green!

We’ve got a Kawasaki ZZR1400 the same colour - we call it Shrek :crazy_face:

I’ve just returned to MX5 ownership too, after a 10 year break from Mazda ownership (last one was an RX8)…

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I’ve been looking for over a year and decided it had to be green as it stands out a mile I just had to be patient as there is so few around.

Worth the wait :ok_hand:t2: