Returning Member with a MK3 2L Sport

Hi all, a returning member here, just bought a lovely MK3 2.0L Sport in winning blue on a 56 plate, absolutely clean car, 47K from new, new Uniroyal tyres and the boss and I have just done 1300 miles to Scotland and back touring with the roof down. car didn’t miss a beat, used no oil. And I think its better than the 57 plate i had last time. this one I think is called winning Blue. we are located in Easingwold North Yorks. Cheers.

PS: Was going to go on my Harley but changed my mind haha.

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Hello and welcome from Nottinghamshire… Your Mk3 looks very nice and clearly you’ve enjoyed it so far…! :slight_smile:


Cheers Rob and thanks’ yes we do, :laughing:

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Are you sure it’s a Sport as it seems to have the std 16in wheels? Does it have a 6 speed box and the engine compartment brace which would indicate the Sport spec…

Methinks it’s a 2.0 option pack, not a Sport.