Revs are dropping


Took the car to work today and I’m pretty sure the clutch is slipping. Only seems to happen in 3rd gear but on accelerating the revs climb as expected but then at around 3k they drop slightly and then pick back up again. It also sounds like the discs are only just catching aswell. 

Am I right in my thinking and need to just get a new clutch or could it be something else?

thanks again

easy clutch check; try putting it in second gear at about 3000 rpm then put your left foot on the brake & accelerate as well, if the clutch is ok then the brake will overcome the throttle. 

also get the brake pads checked asap if you think they are on the way out.

Oh ok, not heard of that one before. Should I make it stall or not go to that extreme? I did the whole pit it in 3rd and take my foot off the clutch at a standstill It stalled without hesitation. 

I did some further experimenting today and found that as long as I went up the rev range and gears normally it didn’t slip but if I was in 3rd driving quiet slow and then try to accelerate, the clutch would slip then. That was the same for 4th aswell

Just long enough to see whether the clutch slips, or not. Alternatively, at around 3-4k (peak torque), foot down, kick the clutch briefly to make it slip a little and see if it comes back. If it’s on its last legs it will keep slipping.

One thing confuses me…you say when accelerating, the revs drop briefly. If the clutch were slipping I would expect the revs to climb disproportionately to vehicle speed.