Revving high from time to time my 96k miles NC ?


My 1.8 NC is 10 years now with 96k miles on the clock.

What is your opinion about revving it high until 6500rpms from time to time ? 

Just for fun from traffic lights…

Every time I do that I feel a little bit guilty after that. The engine screams really loud. I feel like every its metal part does very hard job.

I did it from time to time with every car I’ve owned but they were better sound insulated and that engine screaming was not so horrible.

Everything above 4500 rpms makes me feel guilty that I’ve just cut a couple of hours of engine’s life 


Imagine you have a much younger, fitter partner, lets say aged 25 who has an insatiable appetite for sex and insists upon it twice a day. You are 45, not in peak physical condition but struggle to meet her demands:-)

Well forget that the car is more of a man than you(or I) will ever be:-)





Yyy… I’m not sure if I get it right   So my NC wants that s.e.x. or not ?




So long as the engine appears fit, and you keep a weather eye on the dipstick, rev to the limiter (often) and be damned.

I’m admittedly over the score about oil, the life blood of the engine, and do filter & sump changes twice a year…despite our 2002 Sport only going around 6/7,000 miles per annum. It’s 15 years old, has 97,000 miles on the clock, recently showed excellent compression read-outs and I regularily give it a ruddy good belting off the limiter to keep it sweet, including the CAT & brakes. It’s all about how fit the engine is, and what you do to keep it that way.

There are plenty BBR chipped engines identical to yours belting around with no issues.


Be sure to use the right lubricant or you could have big end problems


Would ear plugs help? 

One of our ‘hire’ cars has done 125k and spends all its life @ 7500rpm

the only time we have had a problem is when we fitted high lift cams that at high revs made contact with the pistons 

Uuu… . I bet the sound was horrible when that happened.

Personally I don’t mind engine screaming but I feel guilty that I do that my 10 years old car. But…this is so exciting