Rick Stein, Google Earth and an MX-5

Open Google Earth go to Rick Stein’s restaurant in Padstow. Search the car park for a silver NA MX-5 and you will see something unusual.

Is it the one with the white line over it or the one below that slightly more blurred than the others?
I know they blurred my wife sunbathing in a garden in France years ago.

It’s next to a bright green Citroen Cactus, opposite the Cornish Crepe Company stall.

What’s unusual?

am I getting warm?

Have you seen the car?

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Yes, try street view

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I’m new to mx5 but that’s an import, that’s all I can tell from that

Don’t imports have square rear plates?

Here is the car

I don’t know then. I’ve been looking to see what’s unusual by comparing NA rear ends on google photo search but I’ve only been into mx-5s for three months so I will miss it.

G Earth blank out reg numbers.

The reg is a year early

Do I win a 30th anniversary or something :joy::joy::joy:


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Yes, download a photo of one & cherish it forever…:slight_smile:

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I found another parked MX5 (blackish in colour) opp “The Sea Food” in Padstow. Front plate blanked out but rear plate clear.

I’ll look…

End of St Edmunds Lane in car park.

None of the cars have rear plates smudged out. I’ve never seen that before…

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