Road Trip to Suffolk Mazda: Sat 29th June

Trip to Retro and Modern Automotive (Also known as Suffolk Mazda) to get some spare parts

For those of you that don’t know, Suffolk Mazda is a major used parts supplier that breaks old MX5’s in Suffolk, and sells a large volume of used parts via an eBay store. Suffolk Mazda is not an official Mazda dealership, but they have looked after a lot of members MX5’s in the past, when major work needs to be done. Retro and Modern Automotive is the garage side of their business, I have personal experience of the excellent work they did to cut out and replace the rotten chassis rails on my MK2.5 Nevada special edition, it was an excellent job and at an excellent price.

I am arranging a convoy from Norwich to Suffolk Mazda on Saturday the 29th of June as I have a few parts to collect.

Meeting point: 8:00am B&Q, 5 Neatmarket, Norwich NR4 6EG (just off Hall Road), leaving at 8:30am

Route: we will take a direct route down the A140 to Ipswich, taking just over an hour

Destination: Unit 12 Altitude Business Park, The Drift, Ipswich, IP3 9QN

Tea and Coffee will be available on arrival, and we can take a look around the parts store for anything you may need. After a bit of natter and noggin we will head back in convoy to Norwich. Feel free to join us for the drive there and back even if you don’t want to collect any parts. 

Please add your names to the list below so I know to expect you are the meeting point.

  1. Ian
  2. Wayne
  3. Graham n Patrick
  4.  Geoff and Louise

Hi can I put my name down for this please

I have added you to the list.



can you add Graham n Patrick to the list.

we don’t need any parts but I’m sure that will change when we get there 


Wonderful, see you on Saturday!


Hello Ian,

We would like to join the run en route, please, as we live near the Norfolk/Suffolk border - we plan to be in the layby on the Dickleburgh bypass before the dual carriageway by 9.00 am, if that is OK.

Look forward to seeing you on Saturday.

Geoff and Louise


Perfect. If there is room we will pull into that layby. If not we will slow so you can join us. 




See you all in the morning. I will not be on the forum tonight or tomorrow. if you want to be added to this, just join us in the morning and bring your sat nav.