Roadster Coupe Hoods Sticking Open?

Was reading a review on this car last night and there was a suggestion that numerous reports were coming in that the hoods were sticking open - problems with the motors/sensors?

Anyone on here had issues?

This is the first I
have heard of it. Would you care to point me towards where I can find
that review.


 I bought a Roadster in December - no problems with the hood so far.  The dealer said that they had had no hood problems with any roadster coupes they’d sold (…yet!).  Should I be worried?


Only if it’s raining Stick Tongue Out


First I’ve heard of it as well - not to say it isn’t true, but it doesn’t seem to be common

 I’ve had my RC for 3+ years now and the only problem I get is when I forget to take it out of gear first… few seconds of panic but then it dawns on me!

Mine was one of the first in the country so if any were going to fail it should be one of those.

Theres always the included manual winding tool should you experience problems, not ideal in the rain but will at least get the roofback in place eventually!



Just do not keep it in the boot, because you will not be able to get at it if the roof fails in the half raised/lowered position.

 Thats good advice, never thought of that one!

Thanks for that great piece of advice - the manual winding tool is going to be moved tomorrow …

I have searched for where I read it … I saw it while I was looking at reviews on the RC.

It ‘could’ have been Which? … but I’m not sure - I will post the link when I come across it again!

Good to know that others on here haven’t had any issue!