Roll call!

Hi Guys!

Feel we all need to check in once we’ve found the NT section.

Seen a few postings in other areas from a couple of us but anyway…I’M HERE!!!


 Hi Brian.
As you may have seen, I posted a note on the old Forum asking people to register here ready for the switch over.
So far, apart from you I’ve seen:
FergyUK - Mark Ferguson
Andy F - Andrew Ford
MX-Drew - Drew Ford
Magicmushroom666 - Daniel Chinea
5UMO - Les Daniels
Stuart Dallard
leemarb - Reg Parrott

yep i’m here

dont like the show unread posts bit as i have to keep refreshing as i get webpage has expired

 am i the only one


Not had that happen its that because when you go back the more posts have been made so its out of date ?  I am using the unread posts link and think its fab (and its how come I am here now) but I am going into a thread then two clicks to get to forum front page then unread link again.

Wondered what was happening as I’ve not been on for a while. Found my way in here though

Must have been a long time because I don’t seem to have you on my e-mail list or find any posts in the old forum.  Have you been hiding from us?[;)]
If you’re not getting the North Thames e-mails PM me.

lol there’s a few posts on the old forum…

as for hiding, I’m suprised I’ve not been spotted yet! 5 days a week Basildon to Witham and then near enough everywhere else lol

 I think I’m here, but I can’t be too certain at the moment as
I’m not too sure about something I don’t really know about and I can’t
really remember what’s going on most of the time or why I think I may
be here in the first place or not, if that’s the case and I certainly
think that it may not be but I’m a bit confused at the


You’ll be ok Freaky…just keep swallowing the medicine…theres a good boy…


 Yep i’m here, good to see the North Thames link working now!

Hi all, i think i’m here too ! well part of me…it’s like starting a new school

Beginning to think you were trying to work out how to change the dials in your monitor to view the new forum Les!!! 

I,m here. Should be on the Bury run next week with the better half.

Hi Stuart.  I’ll put you on the list then.  Presumably you won’t want to come back to Brentwood or Chelmsford for the meet so we’ll pick you up at Witham on the way through if that’s OK.  Please e-mail me to confirm you’re going and I’ll mail the route info.

School? School?   Too long ago for me to remember![:P]

See what you mean Eric about learning the new system.

Finally found it



I’ve only just got the hang of decimal…Hold on just got to put a shilling in the meter.

Hi Eric
I think we should have a course on how to manage the new forum, at the next meeting or is it just me !