Rolling Road event Saturday 8th Feb Norwich

Hi, as announced at the meet last night for those that were there, I have organised another rolling road day on the 8th Feb in Norwich.

I do this every year for Pistonheads and anyone else who wants to come along.  We already have 20 cars, but have room for more.

We have some pretty awesome stuff coming which is great to watch/hear.  Don’t worry about being a lower power car as we have stuff like an old MGA and a Smart roadster coming as well as an MX5 already so a free coffee for anyone who can sign them up to Norfolk Fives lol.

Clive Atthowe Tuning, in Norwich - MAP LINK HERE:…
Clive Atthowe Website HERE:

This year, it will be held on Saturday 8th February from 8:30am
until mid-ish afternoon or when all the cars have been run. You are free to turn
up and head off whenever you wish.
Each session will cost £36 which includes 2 runs with monitoring of air/fuel ratio with a
print out included, which is payable to Clive on the day.

I am sure there are plenty of us who want to know how many ponies our cars have and to make sure fueling is
correct. Quite a few people last year found the Event most useful in helping
sort problems, help development, etc.

The order of runs will be dictated on a first come, first served basis, but order can be changed for genuine reasons if those
in front agree.
Becky and I are laying on a selection of hot and cold drinks, bacon rolls, hot dogs and other snacks (including fruit! wink) again at very reasonable prices. This proved invaluable last year as there is nowhere nearby and no one missed the action!

So why not enjoy a decent social occasion and get to see just how much power your engine produces.

All you have to do it get your name on the list below.

yep put me up for this one as wont to see iff its eney were ner where it shod bee .yep definitely  good way off finding out iff eney probs or good engane  but weerking in the morning sowe is gona be 1. 30pm  ish till  can get there if ok gust in case you doing a  nice graph   on who going on the rolers whot time  .we  cood do a frendley copitishon   gust for fun if pepaale whont to  ? 

Ok, see you around 1.30 then


Hi Eddy, could you put me down for an early slot please. Earlier the better

Thanks for confirmation Pete.  As in opening post slots are given as you arrive and you are allocated a number so get there early to hopefully secure and early slot mate.

I will do my best to get you slotted in if you have a few in front of you by the time you register ok.



Be interested in your results Pete. 


hi eddy sorey bad news  Frowncant mack it whith the 5  as bin tring to get fixst for sat but was let dawn biy   the person I was getting the whing from despit my perants spending  6 hawers  off ther day tring to pic up the whing which incuded  driving up to the place and whating for him to tern up then driving back home no whing Cry sow naw going to order a new one instead   sow will pobley gust come for soshall insteed

Ok Mark, thanks for letting me know. Sorry to hear about the hassle with the wing. Used ones are a waste of time nowadays really as nearly all of them are rusty. May see you tomorrow then.


Hi David, had the run and came out with 127 BHP. i am planning to go back and book the road for an hour as the mixture is a bit rich at the top end and the inlet cam timing needs tweeking on the veria that is fitted. i would like to come away with 130 plus if possible at the end of the day.


Cheers Pete, very handy piece of kit then, I bet you will be booking the track car in as well.





I think we will wait until the track day at Snetterton and see how she performs against the other 35 MX5,s on track. After all we have made a few tweeks over the festive period and will see how they pan out in march.

hi, i’d be very interested in coming along if there is still any availability but how much is the fee for a slot?

Sorry but this event has already taken place, you probably mis-read the post as being March.
Welcome to the Forum BTW.
Eddie has done a couple of these now and will probably pop up again so be sure to keep an eye out.

Off to Clives place again tomorrow for another hour on the rolling road, found out that my lambda sensor was not working, giving me a very rich mixture at the top end. Will do another power test and then adjust the timing to 14Degrees BTTC and check the difference and check for detonation. Fingers crossed for the 130bhp mark.


Just ‘fingers crossed’ imho

Glad my rolling road day was of good use to you Pete


Had my hour with clive and learnt alot about the mx in the short period of time. The lambda definitely had an influence on power although mainly in the torque area. BHP would not go above 127bhp but torque was increased a fair bit, i put this down to the increase in compression due to the 30 thou skim on the head and 4 branch manifold. The timing started at 14 degrees BTDC for the first run and then set to 10 degrees, this caused a big dip in torque in mid range power. 16 degrees was tried just to see if there was any difference as there was no gain at this the timing was set back to the original 14 degrees. Mixture was the next issue with the car showing to be slightly rich over the whole range with a little higher at the top end. As i have a ramped fuel pressure reg fitted this was adjusted down slightly giving a slight raise in power and set to the optimum at midrange where most of my driving is done with a little rich at the top end.

To finalise: BHP is 127bhp, best torque is with timing set at 14 degrees BTDC. I have been advised that major changes would be required to gain any significant power increases  above these figures. Still i cannot complain about a 22 year old car that should be 115bhp as standard kicking out 127bhp and a better torque range with 90000 miles on the clock.

I would recommend this to anybody who has an interest in gaining or finding out more about there car or just what power it is producing.