Roof problem

I have had trouble with the hardtop roof not fully parking and then having difficulty in getting the roof back up.  I took it to a main dealer (not the one where it was purchased) they charged £102 to advise me that they found fault ‘code B294F-20RHT suspect fault on right hand limit switch with is intergrated within the hardtop motor.’  I was advised to have a new motor fitted first and then they would recheck.  The cost of this including VAT is £826.90.

Is this an acceptable cost and does it have to be carried out by an authorised dealer, someone has suggested an auto electrcian may be able to repair it.  I would appreciate some advice please. 

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From what I read yesterday there are two limiter switches fitted to the PRHT, both are on the right hand side.

If you open the roof and switch off the ignition before the deck comes back over (leave deck over boot) you will see both switches. One is a green coloured micro switch next the right hand deck hinge mechanism; it has a silver metal spring strip to operate it and the other is a hidden one below a rubber cover at the top of the “B” pillar.

Maybe worth trying spraying them with switch cleaner!

For more info, have a read of this: -

There is a photo of the one on the “B” pillar in the above link.

Also some more info can be found on the following links: -

There is a person called “fastredrat” on these links who seems to know more than some main dealers on these folding roofs!

These links may not answer your question but will help you understand a little more about the PRHT and who knows, a squirt of cleaner may, just may!!!



What an amazingly good and helpful reply, well done that man!