Running Temperature Q

  1. My model of MX-5 is: __NC1 2.0 Sport
  2. I’m based near: __Liverpool
    Good evening all.
    I’d like to ask what other NC’s temperature ranges are running at ?
    I’ve had an OBD port reader and the Torque Pro app for around a month or so and the general running temp in this “cooler” weather we’re getting has seen the temp indicated between 60-65 degrees. I feel this is a little too low. What do you think ?

I’d say it should be around 90 degrees. You may have a themostat issue…

You talking water or oil temp ?

my water temp barely goes above level indicated in picture, however I only bought car in October so cooler months running temps I guess ?

Thanks, I’ll address that then pronto. I’ve heard a not fully up to temp engine isn’t great (although it’s not super cool)

Thanks for reply. Water temperature. Can’t get oil temp on the Torque app and Boy have I looked :slightly_smiling_face:

Even driving the 200 miles home after purchase rolling at 70-80mph its didnt go past half way on gauge.

Had the car straight into mazda for oil, diff, gearbox oil change the following week, during this they run a complimentary check on car… water coolant came back as spot on so Im guessing the gauge position is “normal”

There is no oil temp on the car and the oil pressure gauge is fake.
Lots of info here:
Thermostats here:

Your temp gauge sits in exactly the same position as mine when up to operating temp. Temp should read around 82 Deg if remember when tested. I changed my stat around 2 years ago as the gauge had dropped and took an age for the cabin heater to actually throw some heat through.

I think mine sits at 86. Anything over 80 is good. Anything under and the thermostat is on it’s way out/dead. 60-65 is too cold, way too cold. Plus the heater will be rubbish

In traffic the fan kicks in at about 100. The engine stays cooler if you run the AC as the fans run constantly