any one up for a run out in the new yea give the cars a blast.

 Count us in!

Starting where and what time and dates. I live in Ilford Essex.

sounds good



I have the 11th free if anyone else is available?


Im over in Abbotsley :slight_smile:

11 January is good with me

run to dunwich  Suffolk

That sounds a great idea! I’ve never been to that part of the coast!

does anyone have a route?


where shall we meet Up?

Meet at marks tey railway station at 9.30 just off the A12 for the run up to dunwich . There’s a cafe there for tea

The cafe is shut till 7th March so bring own lunch and drink.

Potentially up for this. I’m just round the corner from Lee (R6). 


Great stuff!

rob, we could meet at mine and blast down together if your coming from eynesbury?

R6. You coming from Cambridge way …A14 will be best for you

MF will be coming up the A12 To join me for the trip?

if we are meeting at marks Tey, it would be the Dull M11 or slightly longer A10 for us I think? 

with a 0930 start it may have to be the M11?



I just need to check with work and will get back to you for 11th Jan.


MF Malcolm

Ok Malcolm no problem cheers

r6demon M11 will be best than up the A120 to marks tey…we could go to Aldeburgh on the way back nice place .

be good if you can make it Rob the more cars the better. Hoping a friend of mine in Sudbury can make it that will be 5 cars.


sounds great!!