Rust, and it’s not a Mazda

Was asked to give a 2008 Hyundai with around 44K miles on it a look over for MOT, from first appearances the car is in decent enough order for its age so really wasn’t expecting to see a sub fame and suspension arm this bad.
Subframe as you can see as a huge hole in it and after the photos where took I was able to poke another 8 inch hole with my finger where the top and bottom of the subframe are welded together but more shocking is the suspension arm on drivers side as this was rotted completely through and only attached by the remaining welds around the side of the arm.
Going to cost to much to fix as it needs a full exhaust system so the owner is going to scrap it.image image image


So 12 years old, not that unusual condition compared to others of a similar age from some manufacturers.

It would be very interesting to get a set of cars from different manufacturers at this sort of age and do a condition comparison, sadly don’t think it’s the type of ‘challenge’ Top Gear would be going for…


I took my lad’s 2014 38k miler in for a full tyre fit yesterday.
I was pleasantly surprised to note the suspension,trailing arms, and even the coils were still factory black bar road crud. The brake lines & handbrake stuff essentially as new if you wiped your finger across them. Not a sign of any corrosion anywhere.
Fair play.

Hyundai MOT data: