Rust proofing - Lanogaurd

  1. My model of MX-5 is: NC
  2. I’m based near: Surrey
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: Rustproofing

Hi all,
Anyone tried Lanogaurd? Heavily advertised on Facebook at the minute, seems a thin spray that looks good to penetrate all the nooks and crannies. Doesn’t set, but very resistant to washing off. I think was originally , marketed to boat owners, and reviews (if genuine) seem glowing.

Costs £30 a litre, which is a lot more expensive than some thick oil with white spirit in it…

Any thoughts? Just looking to spray something into the rails etc that won’t melt any existing protection, but will penetrate through and protect any hidden ‘at risk’ areas.

Have a look at great products and free advice.

I have spoken to Lanoguard and it seems like a good low prep product for general protection of the underside. Can be sprayed on everything apart from the exhaust.
I would suggest if you are just doing inside rails you look at a product that creeps like Bilt Hamber Dynax S50 with an extension probe.

+1 for dynax s50. Good sized 750ml aerosol and the long tube supp.ied goes in all the fixing holes etc on the chassis.

The s50 is available as a spray at £15 for 750ml, or a tub of 5L for £45. Much cheaper than Lanogaurd, and comes with recommendations. What is not to like :-).
I do like the idea of just painting subframes etc with a penetrating oil type of corrosion inhibitor rather than covering in wax.

Has anyone tried the tub? I have a compressor, so could buy the appropriate gear to spray with, but probably not worth the effort over just buying the aerosols.

Is it easy to use? Simply crawl under the car and spray into any holes I can get access to ? Is there any mot implications if I get it on brake pipes (may look like concealing damage)? What prep is required? I don’t have access under the car to jet wash, will just be on small ramps on the drive.

I think 5ltrs is too much of one product.They have specific sprays for cavities (S50) and under the car (UC). The spray cans work really well, you can get it where you want it to be very easily and save a lot of cleaning up afterwards.
I did mine on a roll over frame but it would be possible on ramps or axle stands.

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OK thanks all, I have ordered an aerosol of s50 to see what it is like, can buy more if one tin is not enough.

I still fancy some of the Lanogaurd fluid to paint sub frames. Just spray it on over unprepared metal and let it penetrate and protect. But at £30 a litre, bit too pricey for me to just try without some recommendations. I had a crawl under our CX5 on Monday and the sub frame is crying out for some treatment, but the idea of spraying with a wax does not appeal as I imagine it getting everywhere and making a right old mess.

Bilthamber have two product aerosols available for surface spraying.
The UB is black and a bit messy but the UC version is more clear like waxoyl and leaves a neat finish. Quite easy to target areas under the car without making a big mess. After using S50 in the sills you need to check the drain holes at the front and rear jacking points after a couple of days to make sure they are clear.

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So I bought a 500ml spray of Lanoguard. Spent some time under our MX5 and our CX5 this morning, spraying sub frames, MeisterR and such. Still got about a quarter of the original 500ml left.
It is like a thin oil and goes on just as you would expect, quite runny. Doesn’t smell strongly.

No sure if if will stiffen up, but from the adverts expect it will cling. I know it took effort with washing up liquid and then swarfega to get it off my glasses!

With delivery, the bottle cost me about £22, so not cheap but very easy to use and does seem to go quite far, was half expecting to run out quite quickly and need a second bottle. Will see what happens over the winter before saying if works or not…

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