Rustproof now or later


As a complete newbie to the world of Mx-5’s i have read a few posts on the problems of rust. We have just purchased a 2011 Kendo with only 9K on the clock and in fantastic condition all over.

We are planning to keep this car for many years and I am assuming at some point it would be wise to get the car rustproofed, should i get this done straight away,  and can anyone recommend a suitable place in the south east?


Many thanks

I have undersealed a good number of MX5’s.

I you are keeping the car for well over 5 years, yes just do it now.

Also if you live near the coast or will do a lot of winter driving on slated roads just do it.

If you do not live by the coast and will not drive the car when there is salt on the road and will change it in 4 or 5 years then it is less.



No time like the present

Mild steel starts to oxidise the moment is made, even before it becomes your car. It’s never too early to start rust prevention, so you’re already 6 years late.

First thing I did when I bought my car last year, a 2011 Powershift with 11,000 miles on it. I had it undersealed then but I’ll also like to get it a further treatment injected into the chassis rails.

For a “keeper” i would also suggest sealing the scuttle panel grommets and removing the alignment bolts on the suspension to grease the shafts.

I used silicone grease on the bolt shaft. Same grease was applied to all the undertray bolt threads and screws and rear wheelarch liner studs.

Where in the South East are you?

Where in the South East are you?

Where in the South East are you?


I’ve just had mine done, not sure if you’ve seen my thread but the “before” photo’s may be of interest although my car is much older than yours.

As other have said, get it done now.


I’m looking to have my 2002 mk2.5 cleaned and dinitrolled. This involves removing wheels, wheel arch liners drilling a few holes to inject into etc then putting it all back together. It takes a couple of days apparently.

If anyone has had a similar process done can I ask how much this cost? And is it effective?

Like Vaughn I would like to keep the car for a longer term so it really is necessary, just need to understand cost.

Best of luck.

If you are sure you will do it, the sooner the better.  No benefit in delay unless you think you might dispose of it in a year or two and save the money.

Even then, it would probably be a little easier to sell as long as you have before and after pictures to show you have not covered up a problem.

I have had this discussion with myself regarding my 7 month old car.  I have decided to do it.  If it does go out in mucky weather, I will feel less concerned, if I do sell earlier than expected it will be a benefit, and if health and finances allow me to keep it for a long time then it should save me money and aggravation.

It’s going to MX5 Restorer near Eastbourne.  Their website gives price indications.

We are based in Bromley but don,t mind travelling - mx5restorer in Eastbourne looks a good recommendation.