Rustproofing an NC

My 2014 NC (32,000) just passed its MOT, but the tester advised while its in such good nick I should get it Undersealed.
Reading on here JR Classics in Doncaster came up as being recommended but when I looked at the prices I was a bit shocked. £800 for a days work!
Am I being tight? I was thinking maybe £3/400.
Please don’t advise to do it myself, I am 68 & crawling around under cars is no fun any more.

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Mine was done there, before I purchased it. Less than 2 years ago, full underbody treatment and all cavities waxed. It wasn’t £800 more like nearly £600 and I guess it’s more than a days work if done correctly.

Would I have it done myself, possibly as I’m getting on in years myself now but I’d probably forget the cavity wax bit and just have the undersides done👍

While I would agree that £800 is a fair chunk 9f change for this, I can also from experience advise you of the perils of getting it done cheaply… I fell into that trap by mistake and had mine done at MX5 City and it was an absolute hatchet job.

I’d ask them about their process and what materials they use… While it might seem a lot of money, if you don’t have to do it again for a good amount of time you’ll likely break even on the cost anyway.

It needs topping up, mines been redone in parts after less than 2 years.

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I texted Joe @ JR.
He quoted me around £590 just for underbody & £770 for full mashings - depending on which brand of rustproofing products they use?
They are booked up until late July 2022!!! which is astonishing.

Thrussington Garage near Leicester did mine, there are pictures of before and after on here some where.
I was very pleased with the price and quality of their work.

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Thanks Steeve, I have mailed them.

Sorry just checked the cost again at JR for mine, £680 nearly 2 years ago, not under £600 as first thought.:+1:

After reading many good reviews I have booked my car in at Thrussington in October.
They have quoted me £420 for full underseal, they are also giving it a service.
I live quite a long way away in Leeds but don’t mind the travelling to get a good job done.

It’s more than a days work to be done properly ,I’ve done a mk 2 and a mk3 now and it’s took me 2 1/2 to 3 long days to be done properly. If they are just undersealing it’s a waste of time and money ,it will have rust regardless of how tidy you think it is so will need grinding back any bit of rust ,rust converter and so on.

Its with them for as long as it takes, I will get the Train home.
Unless you are doing the job yourself you can only go on reviews & recommendations.

Mine was about £450 in Dartford in Kent, 800 sounds crazy.

For that the guy treated any rust with a neutraliser after he had use an aggressive wire wheel to remove the rusty parts.
Make sure they remove the front arch liners and rear carpet/arch liners and underseal there. Some places wanted extra for the arch work and said it wasn’t standard, which to me seems half-arsed.

I also had the lip of the rear arch undersealed to avoid stone strikes chipping the paint.

Chat to the people doing the work and ask what is the best underseal for the amount of driving you do. Some of the underseals can cause problems because they soak up moisture, hiding the rust which means you only notice when its too late.

For me I buy another car in the near future but it was just for peace of mind during my ownership.

Can any one recommend a place in Essex, I am in Chelmsford for my 2016 ND?
Cheers folks

Hi, I’m in Colchester, I was recommended to use Cleverley Repaired Cars in Stradbroke Suffolk.
They specialize in MX5’s.
They did my ND and charged me £200 + vat and they loaned me a car, nothing special but hey!!
Brilliant family business and a nice run up there.


I spent 900 quid, album here

I’ve just had my NC done at MX5 City and they did a good job! I guess quality control wasn’t great - when yours done? Before I had it done Martin put an endoscope into the sill sections to show me the state they were in (excellent)? Looked at it when finished and all seemed to be covered.

You got lucky… If you’d have seen the state of my car when they’d finished with it you’d have run a mile.

Also, less than a year on and mine needs completely redoing.

Hi Chris what specifically was wrong with what they did?

You need to be very careful where you trust this process to on the passion, to have this done correct takes a lot longer than a day,if its been done in a day it as not been done correct in any way, a week plus is the correct time , it is a long dirty horrid job and it does need to be carried out correct, I have seen and dealt with so many bad undersealings that were helping nothing but emptying your hard earned, the main one that grinds is the great places that slap it over rust , rust holes, do not remove any plastic shields etc to protect, so do not even get to the correct areas that need it any way and slap it onto a roadsters that clearly needs repair/welding first before doing it, it solve nothing but to make putting them right again becomes harder and costs even more if not turned away, I have a MK 2.5 which arrived at weekend for the correct process, which is a low mileage UK spec and is in fair shape, put after taking apart the front end it as become clear that she needs work before i can carry out what this chap needs and wants , pics were taken and sent and recommend he take her for correct repair and i will look at her again for him further down the line for protection, i do not want him to waste his money and my time on something that would not stop or cure the rust worm , but there are a lot out there that will not say anything and apply over bad panels to take your cash with a smile and leave you with the thought that they have pre longed the life of your passion correct, if you have a garage or drive this is something that can be achieved by anyone with the right guidance to give confidence and i will help you by all means…
No i am not pushing for any work , i have enough thank you, my concern is that this is done correct and owners not ripped off, and it can be done by yourself and well under what most of these rip off places are charging for incorrect flashed over /budged work.
Ians MK 3 for referance…