Rustproofing Banbury Area

Any suggestions for rustproofing an NC reasonable travelling distance from Banbury (Oxfordshire)?

Pro-Tect have been recommended and would be my first choice but it seems they are only taking bookings for new or nearly new cars at the moment.

My car is a 63 plate with some surface rust showing so probably not a job they want to take on.

From their Facebook page looks as though the business is up for sale too.

Anyone used South West Rustproofing in Westbury?

Thrussington Garage near Leicester is very good…

My NC is booked in at Pro-Tect at the end of October. Not cheap! They were reluctant to take it on but they agreed. I booked it about 3 months ago before they posted they would only take new cars. I do only have light surface rust (not too bad for a 2007 NC).

I am now a bit concerned that the business is for sale - hope they are as dedicated to quality as they always were. They were really professional when I met them so fingers crossed.

To be honest I should think anything in the next few weeks will be seen by the current owners because the business is still (apparently) for sale and even if they sold it tomorrow I would expect them to probably stick around until the new owner is up to speed.

Can’t believe it, five days before the car was due to go in they called today to say the workshop was undergoing a repair. Sounded like an excuse to me and said it would be two to three weeks before they contacted me again. I don’t think they want to do the job. Really frustrating.

So, did you find anywhere to get the protection done? I may well need to use them as well!!!

No haven’t found anywhere yet. Hope they do come back to you soon.