Saturday Drives

The “Heartbeat Country” Run has been uploaded onto the mini website

Page:  Programme of Events

Sub Heading:  Local Area Drives

Link to mini website:

Is it me or …?

I can’t open the map in Microsoft Excel. Everything else is fine -

Excellent website - well done!

 I cannot open the drive in exel either.


 It works ok for me and I just asked one of my members to try it and it opened up for him as well.

I did get a warning message saying it was in a different format than specified and did I still wish to open it - I said yes and open it did

When I do that I just get pages of gibberish…


 Ok… next step…  I will try to get it converted to pdf and uploaded again… this means going back to Martin C for the 5th time and asking for free download sites… he’s gonna go mad but will help anyway… this time I will try to save his email with the info on.

It may not happen until after the bankholiday weekend… Sorry

 Try now… they have been pdf’d

 Thanks for that, I’m printing them now so I have something interesting to read in my lunchbreak tomorrow.

Only ten days to go before I’m back in Yorkshire- my home county[:D]


 excellent… don’t forget to say hello

Thanks Mike - works fine now.

May not do the whole run as we are driving up from Devon on Saturday, but really want to see Scripps Garage and the Aidensfield Arms. How sad am I?


 not at all sad… many will be thinking the same but keeping stum


Approx what time will you be at Hutton le Hole?  I met you when you did the run starting at the Humber Bridge at end of August ladt year.  I’ll be at my caravan in Hutton le Hole and would like to see all the MX5s arrive.  Mine has its MOT this week, so it should be back on the road for summer and then I hope to join you on a few runs.  I’ll be in my Freelander as need 3 seats - I could do with a dixey seat coversion for the MX5.


 Hello Gold-Timer, hope to see you on Sunday, I must have missed your previous 28 posts. I might be walking about without two sticks this time.

 Hi Alan, I’m looking forward to seeing you again, glad the ops went well[:)]

We are coming up on Friday and staying at the Ramada Wetherby, We’ll be going on the North Yorkshire Moors Drive on Saturday as John has never been there and I think it’s an area with fantastic views.

I’ve spent most of today getting the car ready, (Clay, polish,wax etc) It looks lovely but dont think it will last with a 6 hour drive to get there.[:(]




 Hi George…  I would say approx 11.30am give or take a wee bit

I wont be on this run but hope to catch up with you sometime soon

All 3 Saturday Local Area Drives have now been successfully uploaded onto the Spring Rally 2009 mini website…

looky here:

 I am planning on doing the Bronte Sisters Run [:D]

As my co-pilot is only 2, and not quite able to read tulip maps yet, I have converted mine into 2 Tom Tom Itinery files so I should be able to keep up [:P]

If anyone wants a copy of the files for their Tom Tom, let me know and I will get them across.


All done using a program called TYRE that is freeware and available from the address below. Works a treat. Thanks to Locke-alike for posting the link to this a while ago [Y]

 good stuff :slight_smile: