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Hi all 

can anyone recommend a good place in the Coventry area for servicing my 2010 M X 5 2.0 sport tech




Reckon a garage would be your best bet. Hope that helps.

Yep, I’m with Mark - definitely a garage.  Try a library, or a fishmongers for example, and you may be less than impressed. 

You just can’t get the staff these days! 

Hope you find the answer you’re looking for Frogga 

Hi Frogga , I presume as your 5 is a 2010 model ,you will want the service book stamped, if that is the case then you may have to take it to Mazda on the London road, they may not be that bad on price. In the mean time I’ll have a think of what other garages there are in Coventry.

If you take it to Coventry Mazda, mention OC membership and you should get a discounted price.

Alternatively, if you have time for a trip to Nuneaton, you could try Sam Goodwin who is pretty good and has been doing MX5s for years.




Sam Goodwin for me too.

Sam Goodwin is your man

Sam Goodwin   +   1    My MK1 is going in to Sams in the next few weeks for MOT and service.