Service cancelled?

My RF is booked for its 2nd year service at a main dealers tomorrow. i wasn’t sure if it would go ahead so i phoned and was told they can’t tell me till later when they have had clarification. What will happen to my warranty if the service is cancelled.

Also what about MOT tests

bbc news have just said garages can stay open.

Garages are allowed to stay open, it’s just been announced on BBC breakfast.
Although I know it’s not from an official in government, they’ve gathered the info to tell the viewers.
So I suppose it’s up to the individual dealers now, how this works for the other services they provide, who knows?

Some practical advice. This is a situation that is affecting everyone. Despite many peoples assertion that “they will use any excuse” we are all in this together and I would not expect compliance with government instructions to be used in any way down the line to be used against you. You had the service booked after all.
If you don’t need the car, key worker, other car etc. then it really should not matter. If it is not going to get used and it concerns you, take a picture of the odometer today. The picture data is usually stored with date etc. or post it on a social media site, even here so the date is recorded and you can take another one when the service does get carried out if it is months into the future if there are any issues.
If you are a key worker and the car is an essential tool then servicing it is a requirement and hopefully there are places that will still be able to do this for that reason.
Consider this though, if you do go to the garage for the service then you are more exposed than staying away. People will be in your car, touching things, you will be in the dealership exposed to others and so on, so unless it is essential I would suggest that the risk reward balance is firmly stuck on the “leave it for now.”


I don’t plan on using the car, BUT i am worried that my warranty will expire due to not keeping to the service timetable.
I could ask them to collect and deliver the car back and me, then not to touch it for at least 3 days which seems to be the maximum accepted life span of the virus on surfaces.

I get everything Nick says but I’m not sure I would want to risk the warranty either. I had my MX-5 MoT’ed earlier today and the garage seemed pretty geared up. Precautions in place to protect the reception staff, technicians keeping their distance, covers for the seats, steering wheel, gear-stick and handbrake, hand sanitiser in reception etc. If you fall into the ‘at risk’ category then I would agree with Nick and take the chance with the warranty. Otherwise I would go ahead as normal and just take suitable precautions. If they can collect and deliver the car then even better.

Alternatively ring the dealer back, ask to speak to the warranty manager and ask them the question about what happens to the warranty if they cancel the service and you consequently breach the conditions of the warranty. Make a contemporaneous note of the date and time, the name of the person you speak to, their position in the organisation and what they say regarding the warranty. If they don’t know then ask them to find out and call you back.

I think you need to consider the life and death situation the population of the planet is facing at this moment and the government advice on what is essential and what is not. Email Mazda and just say they under government advice the service on your car, which is not going to be accruing miles or wear and tear is not going anywhere because it is not essential. I am very positive you will have a good response.
As for being in a vulnerable group, do not at all make the assumption that it is people passing this virus to you, you may already have it and you may be passing that on to someone who will fall into that category or that they then pass it on next Friday which they would not have done if they had not met you this week. In these times do you think it is wright that people should come out from a garage to collect your car to do this? Everybody can make a case that their job is essential if you go deep enough.
We need to dispel the myth that it is only the sick and vulnerable. Once the NHS is overwhelmed it is everyone, from broken legs to heart attacks that is going down.
Talk to Mazda, it will be OK.


Nick is right. Worrying about a warranty is trivial compared to the pandemic. Mechanics should have their contact with the public minimised, They are needed to effect repairs to first responders and other key workers transport. They may be needed to maintain emergency vehicles as well, especially if the worst case scenario is hit (20% of the population infected).

The CDC found the virus remained infectious for at least 17 days on furniture on the Diamond Princess cruise liner.

While age and general health is a strong indicator of outcome, there is mounting evidence that an unusual percentage of patients are ending up intubated, and extremely poorly. The underlying health conditions can be quite mild, and include diabetes and obesity.

As for MOTs, its expected that MOTs will shortly be suspended, as they did for a while in Northern Ireland, when all the lifts were found to be cracked. Drivers could be issued covernotes for taxing purposes.

i contacted Mazda and received this prompt response.

As of 24 March all of our dealerships are closed with immediate effect following government advice. We will keep our customers updates on our website and the individual dealer websites. However we are in discussion today which dealers can remain open for emergency work and this information will be available in the next 24-48hrs.
Mazda will not cancel your warranty for ‘manufacturing defects’ just because the car is late servicing through COVID19 restrictions, we will treat requests case by case. Please regularly check your oil and levels if you can’t get the car in for servicing.
Should the vehicle miss a scheduled service interval that was due between 1st March and 30th May, Mazda Corporation will continue to provide warranty cover for the vehicle and therefore the service history will be deemed to have been maintained, providing the vehicle does not travel any more than 1,800 miles in its ‘overdue’ state and the service is carried out as soon as is practicable.
Past 1,800 miles will be case by case and considering the Government has put restrictions in place we’ll re access your situation if at this point.
If you require any more information then please do email back or contact us on 03457484848.

Yours sincerely
Reece Hollett
Customer Relations Coordinator
Customer Services Department

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