Should I do it?


Hoping for some advice please…

I’m think of buying a 55 reg Mazda MX5 which has been offered for sale privately through our bulletin board at work.

It’s a 2005 launch edition with a 2 litre engine in red. It’s done approx 20000 miles and is number one thousand and something of 3,500 (which is apparently significant!). It’s in lovely condition (although alloys look a bit dodgy) and has got most of its service history.

I can’t find the exact model on the Autotrader website so am struggling to work out whether the price it’s offered for sale at is a good one. The seller wants £6500.

Can anyone offer an opinion as to whether this would be a good buy?

There was one for sale on here in the last week or so for £3,500, if you look in the for sale section you can see the details.

seems overpriced, unless it really is factory fresh underneath. Top end with it mint underneath , with warranty and service probably £5000

Hi, the Launch Edition is one of the most popular NC editions (the other being the ZSport). Lots of extras. I own one myself together with a Mk1 Dakar and keep close to cars being advertised and their pricing. There were 300 cars launched in the UK and overall 3500 Worldwide. All U.K. cars came with two plaques - one bearing its number out of 300 and one bearing its number out of 3500. Over time, lots of these cars have lost their U.K. numbering but it’s nothing to be concerned about. The logbook will confirm if it’s a U.K. supplied car or not. If bodywork is excellent, mileage correct (20,000) and it has FSH, I’d suggest £5000-£5500 is a good price. £6500 is steep. At the end of the day though, it all depends on how much you want that particular car and how flexible the seller is. I hope this helps. The best of luck with whatever you do.

PS Mazda alloy wheels are notorious for peeling lacquer. Kerbing damage by the owner can also happen. Refurbishing these will cost £230-£300 (powder coating).

Usual caveats apply when buying any used vehicle. Rust, servicing, paintwork, tyres, exhaust, overall condition/appearance. A launch edition won’t be any different. If it stands up to close scrutiny with flying colours, especially with such low miles ( which may or may not be a plus point ) I’d be happy to pay near the asking price. We shouldn’t devalue our cars after all. We all like a bargain of course but if looking for a specific limited edition car, that ticks all the boxes, go for it :+1: the one that sold recently on here was (and the owner admitted) not perfect and would need money to get it that way so I think the price reflected that. All this is only my opinion of course, the same as everyone else :sunglasses:


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Hi. Thanks everyone who has replied to my post. You’ve definitely given me some food for thought…

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