Silencer Paint

My exhaust is rusting around the welded joints and I want to prevent further deterioration. Can anyone recommend a good High Temp Paint that will stop rust as well as look good.

You could try ‘stove paint’, the type they use for wood burning stoves. I use it on my discs to keep the unswept areas tidy.
For the rearmost parts of the exhaust I use Waxoil put on with a brush. You have to keep up to it but as I am part of the ‘saddo’ brigade I am under there on a regular basis anyway so it is no hardship for me.

I wouldn’t recommend waxoyl if you rev the car. My rear box has been so hot it melted the rear skirt. Waxoxl burns rather well

Not easy to get any paint to stay on there especially if car driven year round. I have had some success with lps cold zinc galvanising spray but its more of a sacrificial coating than a paintjob.

You might try a couple of coats of an XHT paint after wire-brushing any loose stuff off. If it survives on a manifold then the exhaust pipe should be OK.

READ the instructions before using this stuff!!

Most of the problematic rusting on exhausts is from the inside out, particularly on cars only driven for short distances (acidic condensate on an exhaust barely warm).

Thanks Guys…Think I’ll try a zinc rich paint to start with