Sill repair

The sills on my wife’s 2004 car need some repair work , can anybody suggest a reliable repairer in the Yeovil, Somerset area who could carry out this work ,please?


If you get stuck we have a good man near Worcester, Call Steve on 01684 311210, he has worked on loads of 5’s including full resprays, he has a loan car if needed. 

Thanks Mal, I will bear them in mind, still hoping for someone local.


Hi I’ve used MX5 Heaven  ( ) at Charminster, just your side of Dorchester, and a lot nearer than Worcester, for around 9 years now both for our year 2000 Mk 2 and more recently for our 2009 Mk 3.5.

They did an excellent job on the Mk 2’s sills, are always reasonable, are interested and have a great knowledge of these cars. altthough outside of our region they are also used by a great many of our SW region members.

Good luck



Hi, I took my 2003 1.8 sport to mx5 heaven and they didn’t seem that interested in doing the work (both rear sills)- quoted £1200 inc vat! Had a recommendation from another forum for autorefurbs in Crewkerne. They want £720 inc vat and waxoyl. Repair due in early July. You’re more than welcome to view the finished product as we live also in Yeovil. Garry.

Had my rear sills and arches done by a classic car restorer (he was in the process of doing a 30’s triumph and 50’s Bentley) in Tarnock which is between Cheddar and Weston-super-Mare. It wasnt cheap at £900 but he photographed every stage and did a nice job.

There’s a bloke at work has all his mk1 stuff done at DCB Auto’s along Lysander Rd don’t know how expensive they are but I will price them out next MOT but that’s not till march 2015 worth a phone call. last time I had work done on my mk2 I went to Yeovil Mazda because I needed a key cut and it had to be programmed for the immobiliser.

Thanks for all the suggestions, I now have a few leads to follow up.

Sure start, Yeovil . My son-in law works there he does all my service work expert on the mx5