Silverstone Classic 2020

I see Silverstone have opened the “early bird” ticket applications for the Classic next year. Where and when will we see the Club Display Discount Code? There’s no rush - they haven’t even decided on the dates yet - awaiting the F1 2020 calendar first!

I read in the paper today that it is to be the weekend of the 31st July-2nd August. I have never attended this event before and was also wondering whether to buy advance tickets or book through the club?
I have been to the Goodwood revival a few times but I need a change of scenery and a bit of relief on my wallet!

Buy early bird tickets with O.C code when available. 2 for 1. Fantastic event.we never miss it.

Nor me . It might be a simply godawful race circuit at which to spectate , as it has been has been for years , but the event is a joy, especially the access all areas policy . My ideal ? 2020 entry and pre 1975 circuit - the time when you were in the same postcode as the cars on track and when Woodcote was such an extraordinary spectacle . I saw Ronnie Peterson hugely sideways there at 150 plus in his Lotus 72 - every lap in 1973

My sentiments entirely. Peterson around Woodcote was a sight to be seen. They even had a clutch and gear lever!