Silverstone Classic 2020

The Club has been accepted to display at next year’s Silverstone Classic. 

Another big year for the Car as we share and anniversary with the event that started in 1990 when the MX-5 hit the UK roads for the first time.

Discussions with the organisers are ongoing on arranging some special elements around the weekend , more on that asap.

We are again able to offer members a code for discounted infield display ticket packages (see below) and there are some excellent early bird deals on offer. 

To get your discount code please visit the following link: Club Member Discount Code for 2020 Silverstone Classic

This Club Member package includes 

2 (two) general admission tickets (Driver and passenger)

1 (one) infield vehicle display pass to the MX-5 Owners Club display area.

These packages can only be purchased by Club members using the unique booking code dedicated to each individual car club. A valid Membership card will be required on arrival at the Club Display Area.

There is no extra booking fee on top of the ticket price but a transaction fee will be applicable per order (not per ticket).

Please note there are three discounted pricing periods for car club display package sales (see table)

With cut offs on 31st December 2019, 31st March 2020 and the last one ending on 31st May 2020

Now is a great time to book and we urge you to book early, do not leave it late.

There are only a set number of infield tickets for the entire event.
This number is split between all Clubs and when the number of available ticket options is exhausted we have no further options to purchase tickets.

Every year people are not able to get on the Club stand as the decision is left too late to try to buy tickets, we encourage you to buy early and if closer to the event you are unable to attend your ticket will be simple to change, return or sell on as tickets for this event are always in demand, Both the organisers and the Club can help.

Car Club Display Package Pricing Matrix  Super Early Bird Package Early Bird Package Standard Package
  Until 31st Dec 2019  1st Jan - 31st Mar 2020 1st April - 31st May 2020
3-Day Weekend £99.00 £105.00 £125.00
2-Day Fri/Sat £82.00 £95.00 £105.00
2-Day Sat/Sun £94.00 £103.00 £115.00
Friday £43.00 £47.00 £55.00
Saturday £72.00 £77.00 £81.00
Sunday £60.00 £65.00 £69.00
Please Note : You will buy your tickets directly from the organisers and not the Club. 

Please see your personal confirmation emails for details about your tickets.

When filling in your Car details please help us to plan the stand by filling in Mk1, Mk2, Mk3 or MK4 on your Car details.

Due to the mammoth Scale of this event it is normal that the tickets for the Classic are now distributed around 7 days before the event.

A Reminder

Today (31st December) is your final chance to take advantage of the fantastic MX-5 Owners Club Silverstone Classic 2020 Super Early Bird discounts.

Along with significant savings the Club Member package includes;
‚ÄĘ 2 (two) general admission tickets (Driver and passenger)
‚ÄĘ 1 (one) infield vehicle display pass to the MX-5 Owners Club display area.

Done !Only…err… 213 sleeps to go.

Thanks for the reminder Iain.

Tickets now printed!

Just waiting for the in-field pass now, to be posted in July sometime.


Apologies for jumping onto this post but not sure about the best way to contact anyone.

I own an '96 FD RX7 and I know that occasionally RX7 owners join in with some of your meetings (Japfest is one example I can think of).

I’m just wondering what the situation is with the Silverstone Classic and I’ll try and explain why…

If all the stories I’ve read are true 2020 is Mazda’s Centenary. Although there’s almost no mention of it anywhere at the moment.

However I’m keeping my eye on Goodwood Festival of Speed, Silverstone Classic, etc. to see if there is anything special happening during the year.

For those that may not know, the last email I had from the Silverstone Classic organisers mentioned a Centenary Parade for Mazda owners.

So I sent an email to try and get more information and the reply that I had back was a bit frustrating (although totally understandable).

Although the organisers have put this down as a possibility at the moment, unless they get 100’s of car owners from various Mazda owner clubs, it’s not going to happen.

"Hi Andrew,

Thanks for your message.

As you are aware, we earmarked Mazda for a parade due to the milestone anniversary this year. To ensure a worthwhile parade we need a great number of Mazda’s to attend the event which at this stage we are not sure we will get. As such the parade itself may not go take place even though we would very much like it to.

It is not necessarily based on the companies attendance and car clubs are a key factor on putting on a worthwhile parade. A car club parade is dependent on the club’s members buying tickets so currently we are playing a waiting game. We normally make a final decision in April/May next year and as such will be in a better position to advise if this will go ahead and what Mazda’s are able to take part."

Just wondering if anyone on here has any more details? I live on Guernsey and the cost of ferries can get pretty high if I leave it too late but it sounds like a great idea if it goes ahead.

I‚Äôve done my bit.¬† But they are effectively discouraging some people from booking while they ‚Äúwait and see‚ÄĚ which might actually ensure it doesn‚Äôt happen.¬† Strange.¬† Particularly as there was a lap of the circuit for MX-5‚Äôs last year.


This link isn’t working for me, are the tickets all gone then?

Forum update may have changed the link with the carry over.

Try here

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Thanks, that one works :+1:t2:

Early Bird period extended

In light of the current situation, the organisers have extended the Early Bird period so that it now applies until the end of April.

Members of the Club still have until the end of May to book your club package, but from the end of April the Standard rather than Early Bird prices will apply.

The 2020 Silverstone Classic will not be going ahead.

Message from the organisers

Following the latest Government advice, we have reached the inevitable conclusion that we will need to cancel this year’s event. Given the current circumstances and the outlook on timescales, a postponed event - which was our original back-up plan - in a way that enables us to run the Classic in the manner that you know and love isn’t a feasible option. Our priority at all times is the safety and wellbeing of those attending our events as well as our own team and we know that you’ll understand why this step has been necessary. Our heartfelt thanks must go to all of you for your patience throughout this period of uncertainty.

As an independent events company passionate about what we do, we are proud to have developed the Silverstone Classic into an internationally renowned historic motorsport festival enjoyed across generations of car enthusiasts, families, racing drivers, and petrolheads. In times of difficulty, communities tend to come together and we’re incredibly grateful for your continued support. It means a lot. All of you are what makes the event the success that it is and we look forward to celebrating our 30th anniversary with you next year instead.

2020 tickets

Anyone who has a ticket will have the option to roll their tickets over to the 2021 event or request a full refund . There are a number of measures we need to put in place first, but we will be back in touch with all ticket buyers in June with details of the next steps. In light of the current situation, we have a reduced team who are dealing with a high number of enquiries, so please do bear with us.

We’ll be in touch soon. In the meantime, and above all else, stay safe and healthy.