Slave or Master??

 Hi Guys,

I seem to have the same symptoms as most of the clutch related posts here, wont go into any gear etc, pedal feels different. Don’t know if this means anything but when I hold the brake peal down I can get all the gears ok, but under normal driving it wont go into any gear.

I read the FAQ’s and took the wheel off to inspect the slave cylinar as it sounds like the usual culprit, but as far as I can tell it is working ok, going back and forth when pedal is depressed and when I pulled the boot back there was no oil to be found, the resovour on the top of the master cylindar seems full too so it looks like it’s not leaking. Does this mean it could be the master cylindar then? If so can anyone suggest any digagnosis tests for it?


hi, im pezza up durham way, ive a 1.6 eunos v special and 1 day last month my gear change deteriated very quickly, 1st gear not engaging soon followed by the rest, looked under drivers side front wheel arch n found the slave cyl to be very wet, ordered new one from david manners, around 17.50p, followed my haines and job done, i work slowly to be sure but in an hour or so job complete and perfect results, use a lengh of fish tank pump clear hose, atatch to blead nipple drill a hole in a coffee jar lid the size of that hose, half fill with brake cluth fluid, make sure pipe is submerged n ask a mate to pump pedal while you bleed it, its the easiest job ive done on the old girl, if your unsure phone me on 07988629625 anytime between 5 and 10pmand i,ll briefly tell you how simple it is, do we own the best cars, or what :0)

 Thanks for the info Pezza but I’m not sure its the slave, I took a look tonight and can’t see any oil leaking from it and the level in the reservoir is full.

Thats why I’m asking here as to what else it might be…  Thanks for the input though.

I had a clutch release bearing fail - it ended up about 4mm shorter, which was enough to stop me selecting gears despite the slave cylinder working fine. Gearbox out job to check it though.

I’ve given it to my mechanic and he has told me that the master cylindar has gone and the fluid is like rusty water. He wants to replace the master and slave cylindar and the pipe that connects the two but he cant find the part number for the pipe. Does anyone know it or can you point me to where i can find it? I don’t even know what the name of it would be except slave cylindar pipe and so far that’s not helped. 

I’m sure I’ve seent that pipe on MX5 parts as “clutch pipe” or something…

Yep, here:

It’s aftermarket and just a copper pipe, so a lot of garages could just make their own. But it’s quite cheap and comes the right length and with fittings.

Perfect! Thanks for that. I was searching for a hose so got no results.

They even do a braided stainless steel version for just a tenner more.