Snapped part of engine?

I didn’t have any bolts on my lower cover when it started catching the crank pulley. It had been there for goodness knows how long with only one bolt before that without any problem , so I’d agree with everyone else that you’ll be OK.

(If you’ve never drilled a broken bolt out before, this isn’t a good one to start on!)

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I suppose there’s the argument that if you can do this without destroying anything you should have no problems with any other ! :smiley:
(in my own case, even if I centre punch etc., however careful I am, I always manage to drift off centre).

yeah i’d rather not mess up it’d be cheaper to get a new engine if i mess up as i was told, i’m going to take the advice and leave it for a few months while i wait for it to go in.

Thank you everyone on the forum who has told me about their experience and what should be done next, i don’t know how to close a forum or anything so i’ll assume it’ll shut itself down after a few days. :blush:

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To show your question has been answered along the line with ‘Reply’ the three ‘show more dots’, link symbol and like button the should be a ‘Solution’ button just select that button at the bottom of the response that best answers your question so every one knows the question is resolved I believe all threads close automatically 30 days after the last response.

Question here before you spend and go deep…when was the belt,pump and seals last done?

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less than a month ago or so, pretty much just done

where are you bud.

i don’t see why that’s relevant on where i live

I think he was being kind and perhaps offering his expert services to sort it out for you. :wink::man_shrugging:

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Yeap , i did not think it was that hard to work out really?, but hey.

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I’ve got the same engine in my mk1 with the same issue, as long as the other bolts are holding it in place it should be fine. I’ve seen people run without the covers on so it can’t be that much of an issue. BOFI Racing supply a brand new genuine Mazda timing cover set of you want to replace the lot, I think it’s about 150 quid.

forgot about this forum, when i replied i was ■■■■ tired and stressed from what to do with the car, i could only think “why would he want to know where i live?”. I didn’t put two and two together at the time. sorry lol

An extra thought, as the bolt was removed to fit the new parts, it won’t be seized, and it is possible the bolt has worked loose after the cover split…it might be worth trying to feed a thin screwdriver past the cracked boss into the threaded hole behind it - if the screwdriver goes all the way in then at least there is no old bolt to drill out.
Also, try rocking the cover slightly, if it doesn’t move then it wil stay in place for a while !

cheers i’ll try that now

it doesn’t move side to side which makes me have a sigh of relief, although it does move back and forth a little on the missing bolt part. I’ve felt the pulleys and the belts around it with no indication of them making any contact but i think it may come to that if i never get round to it, which i will, while pulling it back and forth it never vibrates either, which i also have heard none of so i think i have been extremely lucky it didn’t all come loose

What about the check to see if the remains of the bolt is in the oil pump housing?

ah yes, the bolt it’s still in there, tried having a bit of a play with it and it really does seem to be partially snapped off some how, i’ll see if i can send a bit of a clearer picture

I tried even with a bit of force and it won’t budge

That’s a shame because, if the stub is really in solidly and you can’t drill a small recess in situ to use a screw remover, it means taking the oil pump off to precision drill it out, and I’m fairly certain that means the sump has to come off to disconnect the oil pick-up. Perhaps someone else has more experience, but I think that is either an engine out job, or support the engine and drop the cross-member.

if it is an engine comes out job, the labour costs will be through the roof so if that is the issue i think i’ll take the cover off myself and drive with it off for awhile, i’ve got an undercover so hopefully it helps with rocks getting in the way of worst comes to worse

Taking the cover off means taking the crank pulley off, that is easier with the radiator out and then you might be able to rig up one of those portable drilling jigs onto the other front end bolt holes and put a pilot hole/recess into the stub in question…only a thought!