Snetterton or Brands Hatch?

Which would you recommend for a track day newbie?

Snetterton looks nice being twice as long and a lot more corners :wink:

On a side note, it seems to be some kind of consensus that it’s hardly worth having a track day insurance. Is that so?

if nothing else it seems awfully hard to find ones for just a day… What price would you expect to pay?

Re track day insurance am insured with REIS (Richard Eggar Insurance Services) within my policy I get track day cover for 4 events during the year, check them out, good value they are sympathetic & have a sensible attitude towards modified cars as well, Paul H.

Snetterton. Two long straights to get out of everyone’s way if you need to… I’ve done both, and have been with several newbies at Snet and no issues.

 Both have good and bad points

Snetterton is now quite complex and speeds of other cars is going to be very high making it hard to get the best from your car in one event. Snetterton 300


Brands is shorter, easier to learn but can appear to be more crowded. brands Indy

And everyone nows where Brands Hatch is when you dont stop talking about how good it was for 2 weeksZip It!

Watch the vids see which looks the best to you and more fun.


the easy answer is do them BothSmile



Snett is more newbie friendly - you won’t have to worry about how going up and down hills affects grip, and as Martin says the straights are good for making sure you have a bit of clear track to enjoy the corners.

Yes, that would be attractive. But they quoted me more then twice as much compared to the insurance company I went with (AXA). They even added something for “2-seater newbie” which I thought was a bit cheeky, even though I can see their point  Embarassed


I wish!

In reality that would push my expenses a little bit too far. But I hope to perhaps be able to do a few track days per year, at least the “cheaper” ones. It seems like the GP tracks charge a Lot more for the pleasure Shock


Start off with an airfield or two then, they can be more fun then a formal circuit in my opinion. Lots of the track day companies do early booking offers now, which can keep the costs down a bit, and often with the inital cost covering two drivers, so share and its cost halved! 


Working on convincing a friend that he really Does enjoy track driving. A bit of a struggle, he drives an Astra… Wink

But Snetterton sounds like a good starting point and a decent price. Got to find my Bike helmet in the loft and see if it still fits.


Talking of which, is there room for a helmet in the car in regards to the back rest? Or will you be leaning forward awkwardly? Never mind, I’ll try it out one evening. Soooo many questions… Smile

You should get your name down for the club’s all day open pit lane at Brands on 2nd December. It’s only £99 which is a bargain. I’m sure there’ll be opportunities for a few passenger laps with more experienced trackers to get to know the lines, turn-in & braking points etc.

Somehow I’m not so keen on Brands Hatch. 5 corners just doesn’t seem right  Huh?

But I have a friend interested in Snetterton which would be great. Just have to see how he reacts to the cost…

Then have to convince the wife that it is time/money well spent. Should be ok as it’s a Thursday and she wouldn’t see me anyway normally (work of course). Just a bit wary as just bought the car, plus various add-on bits and now this Thinking

That’s life!  Cool

All clear, Snetterton 10th of November, here we come!


I’ve just done my first track day at Snetterton on Friday.  It was a novice track day (although I’m not to  convinced by how many people there were novices?!) there was a real mixture of cars out on track at the same time from an Exige and a TVR to a Smart Roadster and a Fiesta. My car is not performance enhanced at all, definitely among the slowest there, and the straights were very handy for letting the more meaty cars past!

There was a small additional charge for it but I did a session with an instructor and I’d very much recommend it.


The Snetterton 300 is organised by MoT and they provide a free instruction sessions for newbies so I signed up for that of course.

Checked my motorcycle helmet yesterday and it is almost completely unused, I last used it maybe 8 years ago when I was in the classic car club, but has a dark visor fitted. Anyone know if that is ok on a track day, or do I need to change for the clear visor?

 You can have your visor up so it dosnt mater.

Open face ones are regularly seen on trackdays…Full face on for Msa Regs.


Have fun and watch out for murrays, its a pig to get right.

concentrate on getting your corners smooth and less about your out-right speed down the straights.



Brandshatch may only have 5 cornors but i think ive done 6 track days there in the last 3 years and love every single one its a great track.

hope to see you at snett then :slight_smile:

Absolutely, counting down every day!