Snow has officially arrived in Scotland - winters definitely here

So that’s been a year to forget, my MX5 NC Sports 2007 has now been placed on a SORN until April 2021 and an uneventful total of 65 miles completed in 2020.
In November, I’ve replaced the drop steering linkages on both sides, renewed the slightly corroded brake pipes and had the car fully undersealed including obtaining another MOT pass. The alloy wheels were refurbed, new wheel nuts and the callipers were painted with the Red paint kit. During the lockdown I treated the small rust areas in the boot around the registration light positions and the body paintwork had a ceramic coating treatment - looks stunning.
I hope we can all get the jab soon and we will be able to resume club evens when the weather allows us to meet and obviously the current Government restrictions are finally lifted.
In the meantime, my MX5 and Porsche Boxster 2.9L 2011 have both got their winter protection covers on - sheltered in my heated double garage and are also on a trickle charge to protect the batteries.
Now I’m relying on my Mercedes GLS 2018 four wheel drive jeep to get me safely through the winter months and the one thing that’s really appreciated is the heated steering wheel in these cold mornings.
Roll on next spring when we’re all allowed back out to play as I only managed one outing on a sunny Saturday in September with the roof down - fab experience and can’t wait to get the behind the wheel again.