So, will we be allowed out after 13 May.......?

On the contrary.
Rather lenient & snowflakey by my standards actually.
Man up man. :joy:


Its great to have a bit more freedom, but the virus is still killing hundreds each day, so I prefer the more cautious approach, or maybe , as one of my sons say’s, " your turning into Victor Meldrew as well as going slap " :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sounds about right :smile:

Only today…

"An outbreak of coronavirus at the Seafield Hospital in Buckie is being investigated.

The 32-bed inpatient ward has been closed to new admissions.

The rest of the hospital is operating as normal.

NHS Grampian has not said how many cases it is dealing with at the facility."

Anyone fancy a trip to see the bluebells in Durham?


Essential viewing, apparently.

We still have a few bluebells (of the wrong kind) left here in West London.
We’re lucky we can relax at home in the lounger in the shade and watch the blackies, robins and wrens a few metres away rootling about under them and the acers if we keep perfectly still and don’t have a camera handy. They know you know.

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I was born and bred in West London and know it well, my parents had a small garden full of Lily of the valley, and although I left home when I got married in the 80s, every time I smell Lily of the Valley ,it takes me straight back to my childhood and my Mum in the garden, and a nice looking little flower as well, like bluebells :blush: , and as for wildlife, as soon as you raise a camera they’re gone!


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My garden has quite a lot of bluebells - of the wrong kind - Spanish is their common name I think. The thing is that they’re a mixture of pink, white and blue. I’m trying to eradicate them slowly as they’re an “invasive non-native” species.

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I’ve tried that at the North side of Hadrian’s wall.
They just keep coming.
“Fhaasssands of 'em Sah.”


Cue “Braveheart” aka Mel Gibson - his acting should frighten off anyone with any taste!


It would appear we could have gone out before this date anyway just to check our eyes were still working.


Durham to Barnard Castle by the A688 is 27 miles. If a man who doubts his eyesight completes that drive in half an hour, at what speed is he taking his self-administered eye test?

54 miles an hour??


Oh whoopee-doozeez
Nicola Queen of Scots has made a new HolyRood Declaration of Independence . This lowly Baldrick Jocky pleb serf can as of the 28th May, whip up his chariot of fire and it’s epic 131 Horses of the Epocalypse and gallop off a “reasonable distance” (?) for leisure & exercise.
That means (perhaps / sort of / not really sure / oh furk it so jail me / that Her Indoors aka Boudica the Feared aka The Fiery Celtic Long Tressed One and her humble slave / servant / cook / mechanic & general domestic upaid door mat (me) can get to likes of BeesCraigs country park whereupon I’ll be used for long bow target practice as usual.
Hopefully, without meeting many other people ( I like people less these days…labradors preferred…) general pie scoffing neon haired 4 toothed litter louting tossers & their feral cross eyed smelly kids. Now I like kids. Plenty cracklin’ if they are, or were, fatards.
Tasty… but frankly spit roasting a whole one these days is frowned on oddly.
Must avoid those obese Licra bummed sweaty cyclists…how the saddle fails to insert itself into their deepest crevices is a real mystery, but not a pleasant one to ponder.


:rofl: :rofl:

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That made me laugh and then choke on my salad when I got to the Lycra bit :crazy_face:


Must avoid those obese Licra bummed sweaty cyclists…how the saddle fails to insert itself into their deepest crevices is a real mystery, but not a pleasant one to ponder.

I think they enjoy it, I’ve seen them go over speed humps on purpose :smiley:

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Probably why saddles have removable & washable covers.
Up their hoop 'coz their bottoms droop.