Soft top half cover mk3

Does anyone know if a “half cover” for the mk1, 2, 2.5, would fit a mk3, looks quite similar size wise, but can’t find the actual dimensions anywhere and seller hasn’t responded to email query, it’s quite cheap so might just try it, but would be great if some had the answer.

Is it a soft car cover? If it’s a universal fit rather than a made-to-measure MX5 item I’d suggest it should fit.


I bought my Mk1 and Mk4 half covers from here, so you may get some ideas / info from their site.


it’s listed as fitting mk 1 mk2 and 2.5 but no mention of mk3, so I suppose it’s suck it and see!

nice looking gear that, but think I will try the cheap option first

well, cover arrived and it will fit the mk3, but it doesn’t cover the rear drainage channel, so it will be ok for keeping the bird crap etc off, and so far the roof doesn’t seem to leak, so maybe the rain proofing won’t be a problem.