Sold- Cobalt ND Back Box

On the car for approximately 1000 miles (while my Good-Win Super Street was being repaired).

£170 plus carriage or collection from AB51.

Cobalt a brand of Moss:

If you don’t mind me asking Ian, why did you change it? Was it too noisy?


Not noisy enough :sunglasses:

I now have the Good-Win Super Street back on, I took it off to get it repaired when the mild steel removable baffle bolt seized and snapped (when trying to remove the baffle). The baffle was rattling and driving me crazy so I bought the Cobalt with the intention of auditioning it vs the Good-Win and selling one, this is the result.

Cheers Ian.
Another question if you don’t mind. Is the Cobalt much different to the standard exaust and if it is, in what way is it different?

Hi Ian
is this still for sale if so I’m interested , will it bolt straight on and will I need any form of gasket also does it have a nice tone to it or is it similar to the standard box.
cheers Cliff

This is a good thread to discuss the merits of the Cobalt vs various of the Good-Win (which I’m keeping), little noticeable difference when pottering about in town and a more noticeable presence when exercising the right foot.

I can change an ND back box in 20 minutes with one spanner/socket and some soapy water for the hangers. The Cobalt does come with a replacement gasket (which I didn’t use as the one on the car is fine).

Carriage is going to be the challenge at the moment I think.