Solent Area Drive and Picnic to Ramster Hall Garden, Chiddingfold. 6th September 2020

Well here we go for the Solent 3rd event, this time for a drive and picnic at Ramster Hall Garden, Chiddingfold, like the previous 2 events this will be restricted to just 30 people, see note at end of this post.
10.00 (opens at 09.30) meet at Morrisons Store, Lakesmere Road, Horndean, PO8 9FB
10.30 leave for approx 1hr drive via A3M, A272, A283, going through Petersfield, Midhurst, Petworth on to Chiddingfold.
11.45 approx Arrive at Ramster Hall Garden, where there will be reserved parking (grass area if dry) with club gazebo and club flag.
The cafe is closed for seating inside, however there will be refreshments served outside, this could include ā€˜Bacon Buttieā€™ or ā€˜Bacon & Egg Buttieā€™ you would need to pre-order and pay in-advance for these, cost Ā£3.80 and Ā£4.20 respectively.
Toilets are available, but due to covid19 restriction only one at a time allowed to use them, hand gell is available along with hand washing.
Parking is free for the club on the condition that we use the cafe refreshments and or pay to go in the gardens, current entry fee is Ā£8 p/p reduced to Ā£7 p/p if there is a group of 15 people.
Please put your name forward as this is as mentioned on a first come booked basis, we would need your booking along with ā€˜bacon buttieā€™ order no later than 2nd September 2020.
Patricia and Me look forward to seeing you all, Stay Safe
PLEASE NOTE: The MX5OC Club, in accordance with the latest Government & Public Health England Guidance have limited the numbers attending MX5 drives to 30 people (not numbers of MX5ā€™s) in total, so this will be done strictly on a ā€œfirst come first served basisā€!

The club has also requested that ACā€™s log names and contact phone numbers for all participants in these events, up to 30 members (max), as a safety measure. It will be a ā€œmanual listā€ and only held by our ACā€™s and therefore, not held on computer or any media device and will be destroyed by shredding or burning after the pre-determined time dictated by the MX5OC has passed. I will collect contact phone/mobile numbers on the day, as people arrive at Sainsburys, as this is also a requirement for the list.

**Please be aware that, if the MX5OC club decide this event cannot go ahead, due to revised government guidelines, the event will be cancelled as soon as possible, so that Patricia and Me can cancel with Ramster Hall Garden.

Sounds like a plan, yes please to include bacon buttiesā€¦ 2 people

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Thanks Joisieā€¦you are both 2nd on the list on the list.

Yes please John count myself and Tony in.

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Well done John, its a yes, from Serena and myself and a request for two Bacon Butties please :wink:

I guess we buy coffees on the day but if not two Coffees to go with the Bacon Butties.




@Mal_Rowland ,
Yes coffee and more pay on the day, butties in advanceā€¦

Thanks for organising John and Patricia. Sounds like a great day out so please count me in. Bacon butty and coffee for me please.

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Colin thatā€™s the best news ever, so pleased to have you along, by the way itā€™s only the bacon buttie to order and pay in advanceā€¦

Please can you put Kevin and I down for this John?

I would like to order 2 x bacon butties and will arrange payment soon.

Many thanks

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Hi Sandra & kevin, we have added you to the list and your ā€˜bacon Buttiesā€™, I will ask for payment on the 2nd septemberā€¦
John & Patricia

Thank you John

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Looks like a good take up, there are only 19 people spaces left, and as many ā€˜bacon buttiesā€™ you to wish to orderā€¦
John & Patricia

Yes please for two people and two bacon butties
Andy and Alison Brennan

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Hi Andy & Alison, you are both on the listā€¦and of course the bacon buttiesā€¦
John & Patricia

Yes please, two places (Valerie and Jim) plus two bacon butties.

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Hi Valerie
You and Jim now on the listā€¦plus your order for the bacon buttiesā€¦
John & Patricia

Hi John & Patricia,
Please add Angela and myself to the list, not bothered about bacon butties, thanks.
Ron & Angela

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Hi Ron & Angela,
Duly added to the growing list, Ron donā€™t forget your ā€˜bush wacker hatā€™
John & Patricia

Good news on the ā€˜Bacon Buttiesā€™ you can also have ā€˜Bacon & Egg Buttieā€™ costs Ā£3.80 and Ā£4.20 respectively, if you wish to upgrade let us know.

Hi John & Patricia,
Please include us in this event and we would like 2 x bacon butties but no butter or margaring n one of them please.


Colin & Sally

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