Solent Area - Drive and visit to Milestones Museum of Living History

Hi Em,

Many thanks for that reply.

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May be able to make this but will be provisional atm.

Hi Mal,

Can’t see my name on the list, just checking that you’re expecting me on Sun 4/2 for the museum trip?


Gillian & Geoff,

You are both on the list for Sunday.

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I am unsure what you mean, but I will have to unfortunately cancel again. Last night the car gave up on me and broke down, won’t get it fixed til next week at least.

Hi H,

Oh no, thats not good, hopefully it is a simple fix and you will soon be on the road again :crossed_fingers:

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Hi Mel unfortunately I won’t be attending tomorrows run 4th Feb the mx5 has a sticky n/s/f brake caliper need to find someone to look at it. Have a great day hopefully see you all on the next one

Hi Rox,
So sorry to hear that new. Hope you get it sorted very soon and we can catch up at another event/drive.

No can do now, sorry😟

Thank you very much for a lovely day and drive today.

It’s so interesting seeing all the displays from the past, lots of which I can actually remember :joy:.

You are very welcome and it was good to see you and Nisha there and glad you enjoyed it. I also loved seeing a lot of items from my childhood and so well presented.


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It was great to see everyone today for the drive and visit to Milestones Living Museum, Basingstoke. We had another fantastic turn-out for this drive and it was good to meet new members, Chen & Powl, who joined us for the first time and we look forward to seeing them on future drives and events.

Chen’s 2004 Roadster Coupe in stunning yellow and one of a very limited production run👍

Serena, myself & Gillian were the last to leave Milestones and we hope you all had a good trip home.

Some photos from the cars parked at Milestones.

It’s been a week since our visit but… what a great day out. The museum is very well presented, just a shame that it made me feel sooo old, seeing things from my childhood. It brought back memories of my grandad tearing up newspaper and threading it on a string for the ‘lav’ at the end of the yard! Loved the sweet shop and buying my 2oz of dolly mixture and jelly babies in a brown paper bag… and so much more!

Thank you for organising!


Thank you for your lovely comment Gillian, the visit did bring back lots of happy. Even though I was tempted, I managed to avoid the Dolly Mixtures and Cola Cubes though😇