SOLENT AREA - MX5OC National 19th September 2021

Hi Everyone,

Well, the National Rally at The Claydon Estate, Buckinghamshire, is nearly upon us and to this end we have secured an Area Gazebo for Solent Area Members to come and say hello and have a chat, we will be pleased to see you.

Details of the National Rally can be found on the MX5OC website and there is also an article in the September edition of STHT, which we understand, should be hitting the streets imminently :crossed_fingers:

Unfortunately, we will not have coffee or tea available on this occasion, as we will have travelled direct to the National Rally from a holiday in Dorset, then straight onto the Solent Area Lake District Tour and extended holiday in the area but there will be plenty of catering on site, so grab a tea or coffee and wander over and say Hi, we will be pleased to see you :wink:

On this note, as previously stated, having been away leading up to the National, we will be offline and unable to answer questions during the period 4th September to 19th September.

Best Regards

Mal & Serena


We have the Solent Flag!, what do you want us to do?
JOhn & Patricia

Hi Patricia & John,

As far as I knew, I thought you were popping along to the National in Buckinghamshire and I was going to ask if you would be happy to take the flag along with you please but had not got around to it yet🙂



Mal, Will do! see you on the Solent Stand…we should arrive approx 09:30

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Hi Mal & Serena,

Do let us know if you want us to bring anything - can always have a chat about it in The Lakes.

Looking forward to seeing you in both The Lakes and at the National Rally.

Best wishes,

Sally & Colin

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Hi all,

I have heard back from AC Liaison (Paul McKay) and he has kindly said we should work on 6 to 8 cars that can be parked on the stand.

As in previous years, we are allocating places giving priority to medical needs and those having a direct input into the Rally.

Our list as follows is:

Car 1: Mal & Serena
Car 2: Colin & Sally
Car 3: Patricia & John Wheeler
Car 4: Colin Reay
Car 5: Sheila & Graham Butler
Car 6:

Best Regards

Mal Rowland

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Hi Mal,

Would it be possible if Sheila and I can be one of the vehicles joining you, please?

Many thanks,

Hi Sheila & Graham,

We would be delighted if you would join us on the stand. You are duly added to the list👍

Best Regards


Cheers Mal, very much appreciated and look forward to meeting up with you.

Best Regards,

Good morning from a very sunny Lake District,

I have emailed out the area stand passes to those on my list this morning, as promised.

Best Regards


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Hi Mal, if there is space on the stand Matt and I will be attending in the Sport Venture and would love to join you. Thanks, Emma-Lee

@Mal_Rowland @EL1
Hi Em and mal, as Patricia and I are now unable to attend can I forward my club pass to em…I would need her email address though…john

Hi John, sorry to hear that you and Patricia won’t be able to make it - we were looking forward to seeing you both! I will send you a text message with my email address now, thank you.

Hi Ellie & John,
Apologies, just seen this as socialising with Serena’s sister and family.

Sounds like you have now got this sorted as John has forwarded the pass email.

Dont forget to be at the entrance in the guidance for 09:30 and the Marshall’s will direct you to the area stand.

It will be good to ha e you both with us, together with your Venture Sport.



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Hi Everyone,
We just wanted to say a huge thank you to Mal & Serena for arranging a great Solent stand, with all the balloons and enabled us all to have a good time together and a great day with Solent members at the National Rally.
Best wishes,
Colin & Sally