Sourcing Bose speakers for 2006 NC

The near side door speaker has blown. I am quoted £180 plus fitting as I understand this speaker is unusual… 0.5 ohm

  1. I’d like to take a look at it, how do I remove the door panel without ripping my nails…
  2. Is this a fair price, ort is there an after market one at a more reasonable price?
  3. I’ve read about speakers near the wind break??? back of seat. Is this true .I can’t find any?

Advice much appreciated…

Have a look below, the first part explains how to remove the door card.

Most likely place to look is eBay for the Bose speakers SH. The rear speakers are behind those two small grills in the back panel behind the seats. They don’t do much just enhance the sound a little and are adjustable in the head unit settings +/- fader control really front to rear.

Much appreciated. Thanks.