South london v8

Hey guys I’m Jay, I’v been meaning to come on here for months and never got round to it. So thought id finally make this account and introduce myself and my mk2! always wanted an mx and in august last year finally brought a fairly tidy one (if not slightly rusty) Was in what seemed ok condition, ran Fine and had a lovely drive home in it, seemed almost to good to completely pull to bits… but did it anyway!  

Small amount of rust turned out to be a essentially wheel arches made of filler, x4 naffed shocks, front brakes 2mm pad left. 

I should point out i already had the v8 ready and waiting sooo wasn’t too bothered, I wont go into all the details or ill be here all week but basically iv fitted a 1982 3.5 rover v8 with modified manifold to take a weber dgas 38 carb and attached to a lt77 gearbox with a custom propshaft. (this thing is literally the perfect length to fit in the tunnel!! 

anyone on here who remember working on older cars and engines?   


Anyway guys i look forward to hopefully attending some meets this summer





Side pipe! It’s like the 70s all over again.

I was expecting to see a red mk1, which used to belong to someone in Surrey (I think that had a Rover V8 in it too, but could be wrong), so I was pleasantly surprised to see a mk2. I bet it sounds great!
Why not come along to our Hanworth or Brands Hatch events in June to show her off?

hahaha hope im doing it justice 



Ah yes i saw that car while researching! i found an old listing where it was for sale, and i know there is a 5l ford v8 in a yellow mk1 somewhere too. 

oll have a look at the events page and see if i can get it booked off work! would be great just to get to a show again 



Very nice. Love those old rover v8 engines.

Welcome, is there a build thread anywhere on the internet as would love to see the work put in.


love how simple they are for sure!


Thanks, I wish i had better documented the build. But i seem to just have random photos as things came together. :frowning:


Did you have to modify the engine bay much? Also, isn’t it a much heavier engine than the original? begging the question, how does it handle and stop? I have to say it looks ACE! Hope it sounds really growly too! Have fun.






Engine bay mods were very minimal no chopping the transmission tunnel or anything like that. Hence the side pipe as it was the only way to get the exhaust out of the car lol.

as for weight i think the nb engine is about 132kg whereas the v8 is about 170kg and also the gearbox is now cast iron! so thats also heavier. cant really say for handling because all 4 shocks are leaking and iv only just finished making new anti role bar brackets. Needless to say its probably not going to be as good as it was before… but v8 noises 




Little update on the V8, got tired of people complaining about the gold so Nissan LP2 midnight purple (or least thats what i asked for lol) Also tarted up the engine bay with some good old satin and couldn’t help install a cheeky Holley 4 barrel while i was there!

Hi Jay

Mx5 is my favourite carS,  I’ve had about 7, but the thing I think it’s missed is a V8 awesome.

any chance of putting a video on with the engine revving.

cheers happy motoring.


 Its still not super fast, but still just as fun, taking it on its first track day in November here’s a little video from and early morning drive to work

I’m  not on Facebook, but will try the Mrs one. 

that link doesn’t work :( 

try these