Spring Rally Accomodation - Warm Luxury Cottages - Fully Booked

The Owners Club Spring Rally 2009 will be held at Elvington Airfield, Yorkshire, on May 16th and 17th, 2009

The Eastern Region will be mobilizing troops and heading northwards to attend the event and then infiltrate the surrounding are for a good few days there after, Operation Yorkie has been sanctioned and is a GO! [:D]

Now after last years big hit of the barns we hired our resident property obtainer James “Location, Location” Huggins, he has once again come up trumps and has secured a row of 5 luxury cottages that can be seen here:


 These are very good quality, you get what you pay for but when enough people are paying it really is very reasonable, and at maximum capacity our five cottages can accommodate 30 people making it very reasonable indeed.

There are 5 double bedrooms (priority to couples for obvious reasons) 5 twin rooms (Couples and friends) and 5 sofa beds (Late nighters? couples and singles)

Costing is a little tricky, but bear with me on this, there is a total cost which we must pay, so Martin my fellow coordinator has worked his voodoo on something called an “Eggshell Spreadsheet” it automatically works out costs for those staying. It looks at how long and what nights they want to stay and then splits the total cost fairly. You really need to see it to appreciate it, as it solves a lot of head scratching, I still reckon it’s black magic though!

 I have given the “Eggshell” thing bit of a whirl with the following scenarios and thus…

 Worst Case:  Only 20 people stay for just 2 nights…Total Per Person: £105.25 (£52.65 per person per night)

 Best Case:    All 30 places filled for all 7 Nights…Total Per Person: £70.12 (£10.02 per person per night)

So imagining a possible combination hence…

Probable maybe case: 25 people for an average of 5 nights …Total Per Person: £84.20 (£16.84 per person per night)

 Exceptional value, take another look at the accommodation, and put your name down here, we will be collecting deposits during February and it will be first come first served for both places and room preference.

When full up we will operate a reserve list

(please note minimum stay will be two nights)

Attendees so far:                            Places Left:

1 James and Mandy    23
2 Martin and Sharon           21 
3 Jamie and Claire          19 
4 Jon and Tracey  17
5 Steve and Mandy     15
6 Duncan and Elizabeth       13
7 John M and Ken          11
8 Robbie               10
9 Katie           09
10 Lin and Derek             07      
11 Stripey Steve       05
12 Kev allen 04
13 Matt Barber 03
14 Smiffy and Med Little Smiffy 02
15 Dan and partner
People In Blue have fully paid

Contact myself via this forum or E-mail and i will add you to the list, and stay tuned for further details of what we will be up to up north!

Deposits of £25 per person (£50 couple) now due, please see myself or Martin at either, the February Norfolk Meet, the Alternative Tech Day or the March Suffolk Meet.

Jamie [:D]

Sounds fab… [Y]

(do you like the tidier list?) [;)]

Even better now

That’s a long was off and also during school time which means the misses and I can’t do the full break. However if there is sufficient room then a child and I may take a sofa-bed option for the Friday & Saturday night.

So put me down as a “possibly, maybe, if you have space left” kinda thing! Helpfull I know [8-|]  




Our first night will be a Saturday? still interested, would be great to have as many smiffy’s as possible!

Tinky, should we not have this thread or something similar in the Spring Rally forum?

Good Idea, but i was going to make sure all ER members had seen it first, and those who commit can make a deision on the number of nights they want, once this is done we can then work out a cost PPPN, after a bit of thought we can then all decide if we should open it up to other areas to make it even cheaper.

Make sense?


I wasn’t meaning open it up, just give us a bit of exposure.

Not a bad Idea at all mate, will have a look over there and see whats on that forum already…

 hi…sounds great.could you add

 patrick and jane to your list please if its not too late…


Hi All

Deposits of £25 per person (£50 couple) now due, please see myself or Martin at either, the February Norfolk Meet, the Alternative Tech Day or the March Suffolk Meet.

Already looking forward to it[:D]


hopefully we should know for  next meeting whether chloe has  any exams  on 18th may… fingers crossed she hasnt … but if she has looks like we might have to find a campsite  and do friday saturday night under canvas … either way we will be there

teresa and jase 

 OK Guys and Girls

Check your inbox! An email has been sent to all and requires you to confirm the number of nights required, I have had a few people ask if they wished they could extend their stay whilst on the holiday, after a lot of thought, it has been decided this needs to be done beforehand as people under or over booking is going to be a nightmare. it will mean having to re invoice all involved and more importantly, it is unfair to others who commit and pay, i am sure you will all agree, especially when you consider at the moment it is only £12.76 for an extra night during the week per person.

All on the list have been sent an e-mail, please confirm ASAP and i will then be able to finalize costs

The full payment must be paid by the end of March so a cheque can be raised for payment in full by the first week in April.

Your speedy response with this will really help to give everyone a set figure for the accommodation and is very much appreciated.



(if your name is on the list and do not recieve this e-mail please contact me asap)


Unfortunately for personal reasons Glen and Nicola can’t make the spring rally now.

I have tried to get them to come but Glen assures me there is no way they will be able to attend and has asked me to try to fill the place so he can recover some of his costs.

This leaves one sofa bed avaialble to any other ER member/s who would like to attend, please e-mail me on jamie@mx5easternregion.co.uk if you would like to attend.