spring rally disappointed or not.

 Hi Steven. Doug Passell. I came over in my red Mk1 several years ago with Andy Thompson and a few others and we had a great time thanks to you, Paul Rainer, Tom Morrow and a few other NI club members. I was really looking forward to a return visit but was really disappointed to have to pull out due to ill health (now almost fully recovered thankfully) and family circumstances too.

I’m sure I missed something great as the friendliness and hospitality you all showed - that was everyone in NI, not just the club members - was second to none, the roads were fantastic and the scenery beautiful. It was unforgettable, as I’m sure this rally was for many too.

I appreciate all the effort put into it - and I wasn’t there!

Well done for even considering taking it on Thumbs up


oh, better get my £6.00 back then…!  lol… Wink


 As someone who came along for the first time to such a car rally (I’ve been at several motorcycle ones in the past and all have knocked spots of this effort), both me and my wife were very disappointed at what we saw and experianced. For starters, the event seemed disjointed and had we not walked towards the museum to visit the Joey Dunlop expo, we might have missed what was at the bottom of the hill. I take the point that you say it is not a car show (maybe that point could have been made more clearly for newbies like us ?) and we didn’t know quite what to expect, but hoped for something more than a food stall, MX5 OC stand and two Maguires stalls (why two, was it an attempt to fill out the ground a little ?). I am glad that the overseas visitors enjoyed themselves for the most part, but I have to say that we feel that it was only saved by the Transport Museum on a horrible wet day.

I heard that MX5 Parts pulled out citing the cost of coming over to N.I.  However, I’m guessing that the vast majority who have 5’s here buy plenty of parts from them and I’m a firm believer that you have to look at the long game, so bad form from them. Talking to a friend who owns a car cleaning/polish franchise who goes round many car rallies, he was amazed that there were so few local traders unwilling to support this event taking into account that it was the first time the MX5 OC had run such an event outside of GB. Maybe that is down to the event organisers being inexperianced at running such a rally, but taking into account the depth motorsport runs through this small isle, they surely could have pulled in a few more traders without it turning into a car show (which I now know they clearly didn’t want !! ) ?




I doubt that, as an organiser of a previous National, these people take a short term veiw, and only consider the profit from an individual event.


I think the NI guys did a great job, without the trade supporting them. We enjoyed ourselves, southern run was good, Stormont was exceptional!!

 i agree with above post,having been to classic cars and capri rallies i persumed this rally was about the mx5 car.i too thought there would be stalls selling various items to do with the car

maybe the main rally should have been held in the car park  for those of us that were only interested in meeting fellow members and talking about their motors.Then if you wanted to visit  the museum  you had a choice of entering it or not.

i m sorry if i upset anyone was just voicing an opinion. i am a member and own a v-spec mk1

We have just got back and had a great time in N.I. 

I would like to thank Steven and the team for a great 3-day event.

Everyone at the BBQ seem to enjoy themselves, some nice 5’s in the car park…including mine Wink 

A great venue, plenty of 5’s in the car park and a good turn out of show car’s.

An evening to remember at Stormont, Venue, meal, and entertainment, fantastic

And then the run up to the causeway and the rope bridge, a great selection of 5’s i think it was 67 in total on the run.

We covered a total of 1198 miles in mostly brilliant sunshine Cool 

Thanks for making us so welcome.

As one of “the others” that Doug Passell referred to, I also regret not being able to make this event, but I’m sure that NI did their very best under difficult circumstances, the camaraderie extended to us on our previous visit leaves some UK areas in the shade.

No National Event in the MX5OC is a “Car Show” - it’s a “Rally”, which means a meeting of owners. - It’s time this was fully understood. Anything “On the side” is whatever is available, and knocking MX5 Parts for not attending is not on - if new members had attended other past events they would appreciate that MX5 Parts will attend ANY event they can get to, so their absence is entirely excusable from my POV. In fact they are the only true supporters of the club - in more ways than one. They have saved more than one of my events, and others that I have attended, when others didn’t.

If some of you were more familiar with the NI scene, then you might appreciate that from their POV it’s a barren land, as far as support goes - they have dealers - - -  period. Also - it’s not easy getting support (at any level) in the UK either, having organised three National; Events  myself, then I can tell you it’s not easy to get any type of trader to attend an event,. never mind Moss (who haven’t attended a club event in years) Shing Fung or some of the other parts suppliers who exist in the UK. If they can’t (won’t) support a Rally in the UK, then why would they support one anywhere else?

Would you buy a radio - or any bit of kit - from a local dealer in Newcastle if you lived in Birmingham?- - - -  of course not, you might want back up later. Do you not think this is also apparent to those local traders? If they thought they could make a killing then they would be there like a shot, but most parts dealers do not cater for MX5’s, it’s a fact of life. No event suits everyone, but I am surprised to see complaints regarding an event which I know - from past experience, takes months (even years) to prepare, with more frustrations than successes - believe me. Sunshine makes an event, and for some, rain totally ruins it - it’s a fact, get used to it - or move to OZ!

If some of you want to see a “Car Show” then go to JAE - and see how much support there is for MX5’s ; or Mazdas  of any ilk. - - - - - -

Them that can - - -  does. Them that can’t  - - - - citicise.

 I think paying £6.00 for seeing one of the original ‘Seven Wonders of the World’ is a bargain. :slight_smile:

It would be, but, the Giants Causeway is not on any Seven Wonders lists I am aware of…

 Big Thank you to Steven and Norman and their other halfs{#emotions_dlg.smile}

What a fantastic time, we thought the BBQ, Storement, and southern trip was excellent, we came one of the furthest distances and really enjoyed the whole event. Lots of hard work and thought went into making it really special for everyone.

We finally got home after over 1091 miles for the whole weekend at 1.30am in the morning after getting off the ferry at Holyhead.  Thank goodness we had booked tuesday off work to recover…

We think you did an exceptional job and although it rained on the saturday it was not a major issue because we had the museaum to look at which was most enjoyable. We must have walked miles that day because once the rain had stopped we managed to look at the 200 plus cars in the car park and catch up with like minded members and get ideas for the cars.

We will remember this as one of the best rally’s we have been too thank you.

Sarah (Mazda Chick) and Martyn (Navman)


OK,…maybe not but it is a World Heritage Site and was named as the fourth greatest natural wonder in the UK. :wink: [I knew there was a ‘wonder’ in there somewhere]. You’d be expected to pay at least £6.00 to get into anything owned and managed by the National Trust …wouldn’t you?

 It wasn’t the only choice, we did the southern run (then they could moan about the ferry i suppose Big Smile)

Im a mx5ni member and I know the boys put in loads of effort in running this event,

I had a great day at the rally enjoyed talking to people of all ages about there mx5s and got my car in the show too, alough didnt have a chance of winning anying due to the high stantard of cars from the uk, well done steven & peter

great too see the number of cars on the coast run too, met them on the coast road comming the other way, everone of them waving and flashing, turned the car around and joined them.

little pic of my car at the rally, more pics in spring rally photos

 some  members are missing my point of view the "moan " as some people put it was about the sat. event  not the bbq or the meal that evening or the runs on sunday i came to event to meet other members talk cars  but not to visit museum,it might have been interesting to new vistors but to someone whos been there a few times a choice would have been nice .i did expect to contribute something to the club .i am sorry to upset some with my opinion and prob the other events were i am sure better organised and more enjoyable.

 We had a long & great weekend.

Many thanks to N.I. mx5oc for all the work they put in to the hole event Big Smile

It was very nice to meet so many nice people & see all the great cars.

p. s. Great pics

To Steven, Norman & Peter (and the rest of the N.I. team for the Spring Rally whose names unfortunately we don’t know yet),

A very very big thank you from Karen & myself for putting on such an extensive and well organised Spring Rally for 2010 - for us anyway it is by far the most enjoyable “all round” rally that I have ever attended in my 12 years of being in the MX5OC - the attention to detail was excellent, and alot of really well thought through and nice touches put in on the organising i.e.

  1. Putting on an "extra nights entertainment" with the barbaque on Friday - a great way to start the weekend
  2. Arranging the Shaw's Bridge Ramada Jarvis - lovely hotel & base to work from
  3. Putting on shuttle buses between the two museum's (we used them both ways)
  4. The car comp area and MX5OC marquee set up looked fantastic in the "bowl area" towards the bottom of the site
  5. Barbaque facility again on the way back up & down the hill on Saturday
  6. Well organised "one directional" parking on Saturday - with only the weather preventing some of the best MX-5 group parked Rally photo's of all time
  7. Musuem's were great value at £5 per head (at least £10 worth each of quality interest there) and I have only noticed on the ticket tonight that they were good for admission on Sunday too if you were not doing a drive etc.
  8. Stormont Castle  - WOW factor that is "off of the scale" - to also include an organised coach to and from hotel to better enjoy the drinks reception (will we ever get a better one!) and enjoy a lovely bottle of wine with a fab dinner
  9. Then be entertained by a wonderful presentation on Stormont Castle history (can't remember his name but he did a bloody good job!) traditional dancing to Irish & Scottish routines, and then a lively local group comes on to get you up on the dance floor! (for me their version of "Whiskey In The Jar" was brilliant!!)
  10. The Northern run that we did on Sunday was the best piece of run organising that I personally have ever seen! seriously it was that good - a nice and clear and friendly pre brief from Peter at a well worked out quiet starty venue - full information pack given - "outriders" on the early stages to help the endless convoy (but it worked!) stay on track and together
  11. That "A2" road to Bushmills & Giants Causeway (via Ballycastle etc.) is the most scenic road that I have ever driven on so far in my life! - I would best describe the scenery as "dramatic" - I was expecting that Northern Ireland was going to be scenic - but I was not aware that it was anywhere near on the ongoing scenery scale that we got - all we did was to get breathtaking views all day long everywhere that we went!!
  12. Whilst up there - we visited Royal Portrush Golf Club (I am also a keen golfer), Bushmills "working" distillery (I am an equally as keen Whiskey enthusiast!), and The Giants Causeway all in the space of three hours!!!!!!!!!!! did that actually happen or was it a very nice dream! - no it actually happened - not a bad Sunday afternoon's MX-5 driving or what?!!
I could go on and on - as we also made many more new friends over this weekend too - was it a good rally? - was it a good weekend? - it wasn't just good - it was bloody spectacular!! - so once again from Karen & myself - a very warm and grateful Thank You to all in the MX-5OC Northern Ireland area for putting on such a thoroughly enjoyable and well organised event.

Very Best Wishes

Dave Kiely

Its amazing how some people complain about unimportant things these days. By the way The Giants Causeway is made up of mostly hexagonal sided basalt stones formed 60 million years ago.

We travelled to Elvington for the Spring Rally last year and did not mind the ques to get in or the price of entrance. The UFT museum is great value for money and an interesting way to spend a day.

Finally if you dont want to spend money having fun stay at home.

People complained that there was nothing to look at but cars at last year’s national rally at Mallory.

You can’t please all of the people all of the time, all you can do is be honest about the venue and activities and hope that people who won’t like it decide not to go.

 So, we just arrived back a couple of hours ago from our first MX5 rally and I’m just gobsmacked by the complaints and niggles that some people are raising.

Point - if you didn’t want to pay £10 on the Saturday and £6 each for the Giants Causeway there was plenty of room to turn your car around and drive away! When do you ever get into any National Trust property for free (unless you are a member)

We have had 5 amazing days, seen areas we have never visited before and will definitely return to N Ireland again (and also those parts of Ireland where we crossed the border)

We thought the organisation was amazing, the hospitality outstanding and received so many bits of advice as to what to go and see where and when after the rally finished we couldn’t fit it all in. We even had 2 labourers offer to refill our flask with hot water off their truck at a waterfall near Castlederg and provide lots of advice about things to see and do.

Yes, the lack of dining options in the Ramada on Sunday evening was disappointing, the Bushmills Tour felt like a route march but so what - the overall experience was terrific.

In fact we commented that it warranted having an MX5 to be part of the club (rather than the other way around if you know what I mean)

Oh, and having climbed up to Scrabo Tower on Sunday, the Giants Causeway on Monday, The Walls of Derry on Tuesday and the 150 steps out of the Marble Arch Caves in Enniskillen yesterday we have also arrived home a lot fitter than when we went.Sick

Great job Guys and well done!


Since I don’t think anybody else has mentioned those things in this thread, I assume it must be a dig at me?

I never said I didn’t want to pay - I was disappointed at having paid to see the Giant’s Causeway because it wasn’t anything amazing, the fact that it’s National Trust is irrelevant, it was still disappointing to me (and also note you do get in for free, you pay to park - which as noted above is different)) - £6 could have brought me more enjoyment at my local BP/Esso.
I was surprised to have to pay at the rally, as I (wrongly) assumed that the membership fee covered national events (keeping in mind at this stage I never expected the main attraction to be NMC) - note there is a difference between not wanting to do something, and being surprised to have to do something.


People have every right to say they are disappointed if they are - nobody is criticising the organisers (which would be different) who did a good job - everybody has been polite, and have been able to justify their comments.
Even if it is just in better explaining/describing the purpose of a rally, things will probably be done differently in the future because of people’s posts.