Spring Rally: Who's going then?

Little over a week away now - who’s making the trip?

Hi Ramsay.  9 cars that I know of from North Thames, listed here

Looks like it’s just the 10 of us then! [:)]

Maybe I should have made it a poll - to make it that little bit easier to participate!

 You not going with the crowd from Scotland???


see bbq attendees (8 cars at least)

Well, I’ve finally pulled my finger out and decided to come along!

Just booked my ferry crossings - out on Thursday 27th @ 17:15 from Hollyhead to Dublin and return Monday 31st @ 14:30.

Now that leaves the accommodation to sort out…trying the Ramada hotel in first instance, then other hotels, but will camp if needs be!




try http://www.hotels.com/co104/hotels-in-ireland/

Thanks Richard {#emotions_dlg.thumb}

In the meantime I’ve managed to get booked into the Park Avenue Hotel, which I know some others are staying at. {#emotions_dlg.bigsmile}


 I’m booked on the same ferry as Bob and 5umo so see you both on thursday Smile

Good to see you have booked Bob, see you and Selina on thursday, lets hope the weather stays fine. Cool

Regards Les.

 Cheers, see you guys tomorrow.

Not too keen on the 90 minute check-in period though - it’s almost as long as the crossing!! {#emotions_dlg.indif}


 we are on the ferry using free touch screen internet…  very posh :}  see you at the bbq

Watch those iPhone data roaming charges Mick! 


Northern Ireland is part of the UK, so there shouldn’t be any additional charges for phones


Although it is worth noting (a day before most people arrive!) that some insurers work with GB, not UK, so it’s worth checking you are going to be covered across the water (typically insurers do include European use for a limited period (often a max of 30 days at a time, 90 days in a year etc.))