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Dear community,

I am Guido from SPS Motorsport and I would like to introduce you to our program.

We are the largest MX-5 tuner in Germany. We do not only convert vehicles for the road but also do a lot of racing.
Racing cars with partly over 500hp have already left our workshop and reached podium places in various races.

Here you can get some impressions:


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Guido from SPS

Today we go to Zandvoort to test our racecars. We’ll see how they will perform. :wink:



Guido from SPS

We had a successful weekend on Zandvoort. 5 of our 6 cars with their drivers got on the podium. The cars worked really well and we had no big issues. The drivers are also very happy with their cars and the work of our whole team. We are looking forward to the upcoming German TimeAttack season.

Guido from SPS

Here you can see a bit of everyday workshop life. This ND got a BBR GTi turbo kit. The car now makes 240hp. It also got 949 racing rims with semi-slicks, a big-brake-upgrade, an Öhlins suspension and an anti-rollbar from H&R. The car drives really well.

Best regards
Guido from SPS

One customer brought us his car to get a suspension adjustment with his new rims, tires and our coilover.
We like this setup. The car has a sporty look.

Setup: Enkei RPF1 8x16 with 38mm offset on Yokohama Advan AD08R 225/45 R16 and our SPS coilover for the ND

Best regards
Guido from SPS

This a good example for a really tough build! We made the car ready for Time Attack races, but the car is still allowed to drive on street.

Some specs:
1.6L forged Block with an EFR 6258 turbocharger (over 300hp)
full 3" exhaust with HJS catalytic converter
Competition Clutch Stage 3 Clutch
Megasquirt MS2 pnp
6-speed manual gearbox
Kaaz LSD
Engine-, gearbox- and differential cooling
BC Racing ER-series suspension
K-Sport 6-piston 286mm big brake upgrade
Nankang AR-1 205/50 R15
Sparco Sprint seats with Sparco 4-point harness
Full roll over protection system
Nardi steering wheel

Best regards
Guido from SPS

This time a really cool sleeper met us.

It has a Rotrex C30/94 supercharger on a 2.0l making 345hp and 360Nm of torque.
The car drives really nice because it feels like a big natural aspirated engine. High speed runs on the German Autobahn are no problem. :wink:

The rest of the setup:
- Flyin Miata Header
- HJS 200 cells catalytic converter
- SPS Motorsport Catback
- Cat Cams Stage 1 camshafts
- forged pistons (compression 13:1)
- forged rods
- 750ccm injectors
- BC Racing BR-series coilover
- OZ Ultraleggera 8x17 with 40mm offset on Yokohama AD08R 215/45 R17 tires
- K-Sport 8 piston calipers

Best regards
Guido from SPS

Today we finished a NC 1.8 with a GT2560 turbo conversion producing 230hp.

- GT2560
- HJS catalytic converter
- Friedrich Motorsport exhaust system
- BC Racing BR-Series suspension
- Rota Titan 8x17 rims
- Yokohama Advan AD08R 215/45R17

Best regards
Guido from SPS

Here we have a really track focused NC. A 2.0L with a GT2860RS turbocharger making 270hp. The car is also very light. With 50% gas in the tank it weighs just 1122kg.

The rest of the specs:

  • CSF radiator
    - coilover suspension
    - short differential
    - brake cooling hoses
    - Tarox F2000 with EBC YellowStuff
    - rollover protection bar
    - oilfilter relocation
    - gearbox- and differential oil cooling system with external oilpump
    - Rota Titan 9x17 with Nankang AR-1 255/40 ZR17

Best regards
Guido from SPS

One of my favorite cars on our site. Very clean oldschool setup.

The specs:

  • 1.6L with a GT2560 turbocharger producing 230hp
  • Mishimoto radiator
  • oilcooling system
  • BC Racing BR-series coilover suspension
  • Lotus seats
  • Sparco seat belts
  • Momo steering wheel
  • SPS Track+ roll over bar
  • Rota RKR 8x15 with Nankang AR-1 205/50 R15 tires

Don’t worry, we replace the sideskirts soon. :wink:

Best regards
Guido from SPS