Squeaky clutch pedal!

As a new MX5 MK2 owner I was rather dissapointed when my new pride and joy developed an irritating squeak from the clutch pedal which sounds like an irritated seagull has flown into the footwell. After standing on my head in the footwell the culprit, (in fact not a gull), appears to be some sort of pushrod which is attached to the clutch pedal. I am reluctant to lubricate in this area as I am not sure if there are any seals in this area which would be affected by oil based lubricants. Can anyone help and let me know what the setup is in regard to the clutch pedal mechanism?

 The squeek usually comes from the pushrod on the clutch slave cylinder which you need to get under the car to grease.

Unless you car is different.  I would use some silicon spray grease on the pedal pushrod if that is the problem.


Silicon spray would only be a temporary repair. Have a read of this http://www.mx5oc.co.uk/forum/forums/t/200.aspx 

 Geoff it would not be a temporary repair if as I said the noise usually comes from the pushrod at the slave cylinder, it would be a waste of effort. On the other hand if the noise is coming from the pedal area as the Op has stated, then the fix that you have shown that I already have advised would not fix it.


 The op is clearly aware of the dangers of using mineral grease or oil near or on rubber seals.

If the squeak is from the pedal pivot or clevis, white spray lithium grease can be used on those metal parts. Direct it just onto there, not the pushrod, and wrap a cloth around the pushrod first to stop any overspray. Just done ours recently. The spray can be bought from Halfords or B&Q, made by 3 in 1 and others, and is high melting point when set.

If the squeak is from the slave you can follow the link Geoff posted but note that no lithium grease should be used on the slave end of the pushrod inside the boot. There is an error in that FAQ where it says, “Before bolting the new cylinder to the car, pull out the actuating rod from the rubber bellows and apply a blob of Lithium white grease, red rubber grease or silicone grease to the inner end.” Use only red rubber grease on seals and inside boots. Lithium white grease is mineral oil based and should not be used there.

Thanks chaps now I know the direction to go in. I have tried a quick fix with silicon spray, it lasted all of ten minutes! It has been a while since I owned a car with a clutch slave cylinder so it looks as if it’s up on the ramps for a look see, then purchase a Haynes manual ASAP unless there is a better one around?

PS forgot to say the squeak is certainly from the pushrod area. The car has only covered 50,000 miles from new and has been stamding for long periods so I am expecting various things like this to crop up, having also just sorted out a sticky brake calliper.

 Yes I find Haynes fine for most diy stuff, gives an overview, then the web and forums such as this are a great help.

If you’ve worked on cars before you’ll find this is pretty easy, just pop the boot and put a dollop of red rubber grease on that end of the pushrod. Helps seal out muck and water too. If the boot’s perished it may be you’d be better changing the cylinder as the bore may then corrode or the seals get covered in engine oil which perishes them.

It seems factors and Halfords don’t keep RRG much these days so eBay may be easiest, http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_nkw=red+rubber+grease&_sacat=0&_odkw=red+rubber+grease&_osacat=0 Always useful to have around especially on these cars with sliding calipers. I had to buy a new tin when I got this car, changing pads etc, my old one had lasted donkey’s years.