Stainless exhaust for my mk1 classic (1998)

I’ve been told that the fitting is different from other mk1s. Is that true?


Any suggestions on an exhaust. Desperately need a replacement as mine is blowing badly and I want an aftermarket one with a nice burble. I am in Kent near Ashford. 



 i’d go for the one’s from mx5 spares,i have one with a car bypass fitted to mine and love it.there are two cat sizes,if yours is a 98 it should be the 440 mm one,pre 94 are 370 mm,best thing to do is get under neath and measure flange to flange.

you can get a full exhaust and bypass for about£250…i have a unused bypass from mx5 spares at 440mm if you want one,just want my money back on it!£60






Post-1996 UK cars (not Roadsters) had a 470mm cat and a completely different downpipe and catback from other 1.8 MX5s (all Eunos Roadsters (Mk1) have a 375mm cat, irrespective of year). Unless you fit pre-96 440mm cat and downpipes, you are stuck for options.


MX5parts sells an OE replacement for the later car. MX5heaven, as far as I know, are the exclusive reseller of Larini exhausts, who do applications specific to the later Mk1. Its also a good job that the Larini systems appear to be top notch.

I bought a system from MX5 Parts - £179  S/S, cat back, single outlet - terrific value - fitted no problem -  noise? Swoon!!! After that I bought the MX5 Parts SS ‘bunch of banans’ again brill!

Mine is a 90 Mk1.

MX5Parts Phil will give you a nice sound.

Cheers everyone. Will get an mx5 parts one prob single exit. 


 MX5 Parts exhaust is by IL Motorsports.  I have this plus a sports cat from Ashford Motorsports in Dover.


If ordering, make sure its this one (the more expensive one!):


The cheaper stainless system won’t fit your car.

Cheers Andy !

I was goin to order today but they shut on Saturday! Good Job would have ordered wrong one. 

I believe the actual German supplier of these systems is BBK.

 hi again,if you want to know what it sounds like before you buy,i stuck a vid on youtube for you so you can here it,mines got the cat bypass on it as well,ignore the rattle its my front pipe!



 Has anyone fitted the Moss-Europe system to their 1.8 Mk1? It has an intermediate silencer as well as the rear box so i wondered if it was a little quieter than the MX5 Parts unit which has been reported as being a little bit ‘boy racer sounding’?

 Just to go a little of topic could anyone tell me if the exhaust from a UK spec 1995 1.8 will fit on my Eunos 1990 1.6?

1995 was the change over year; if its an early 1995, it will, if later, no. If you can see the car the exhaust is coming from, later cars will have plain cam cover bolts, and thin carpet.


As another point; an exhaust from a later Roadster Mk1 will fit the early car, BUT, the exhaust will be missing one of the hanging brackets (Mazda deleted it as unnecessary).This might lead to a MOT failure when fitted to a car that has this missing bracket.

Thanks for the Info AT,

If it is a later exhaust would it be safe / MOT exceptable you tack weld the bracket from the old exhaust onto the new one?